Chapter sixteen

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Kara pov•||
I can't even express how amazing what me and Lena just shared was like. I know People say make up sex is the best sex but I'm telling you that was pure passion I just see her. Our first time dang. Shit the door " coming" I open the door and it's alex, magy, win and James. "Hey guys, quick thing can we do games night tomorrow? I'm just a little busy tonight" multiple grins happen, " yes that's okay, I'll ring Sam and say we're at the bar tonight" alex said laughing " bye kar" win and James said "bye little Danvers, oh and nice hickeys" oh god, " I'm going, love you Kar" " bye al love you too" I shut the door walking back into my bedroom " hi" she looks at me confused, I take my dressing gown off and slide back under the covers. We turn looking at each other. " where is everyone?" " I told them not today" Lena looks at me so shocked. "Really?!" I smile nodding "can we cuddle please?" I say to her, "Kar you don't have to ask to cuddle me" " I know it was just normal for me to ask" "you never have to ask with me darling, I know we have been in an argument but that's over and yes there's little things but we will work on them my darling" I grin kissing her cheek. "I think you missed my love" I smile kissing her lips softly. "That's better. So Kar what do you want to do today"

Hey hey hey, This was just was a really short one to keep the pace going. I want to update at least 5 times a week, but I start school again this week so it might be 3 times a week some weeks but I'll try my best to do 5 times a week and if not I will update how many days I have missed. I'm working on a longer chapter now I'm experimenting so when I publish it please tell me what you think ❤️

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