Chapter 40

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I am so confused right now, how has Kara just went missing. Like kidnapped I'm sorry i just don't understand wait my mother.

(Ring ring)
Lena: hello ?
Lillian: hello dear
Lena: mum why have you took kara?
Lillian: Lena don't be so silly I know your little girl friend is super girl so I just thought I'd have a little fun
Lena: Lillian this is not funny
Lillian: don't worry she won't hurt.
Lena: mother please please don't don't I love her....
Lillian: *laughs*you hear that kara she loves you
She is mocking me and Kara we just split up in so mad I'm so confused.
Lillian: Lena just watch the clock
•she ends phone call•
WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN ?!!! Watch the clock, that woman is so manipulating and confusing I honestly don't understand. Why is my family so evil.
•2 hours later•
Nothing has changed I'm so nervous I'm with Alex and j'onn at the DEO waiting for any news
I'm going to go home, Me and Kara aren't in a good place right now I'm sure I am the last person she would want to see.
• 1 hour later •
I am sitting on my sofa with some Barban thinking about me and Kara maybe us being in a relationship completely wrecked our friendship. Like right now I'd call her and be talking about relationship advice but I can't. It was so good back then. I mean it's good now but it's different we're constantly on edge we never do anything with each other. I understand that she has Kiera now and sometimes wants to go to London to see her sister, but for her to have no trust in me it hurts and it makes me not want to be with her and that hurts even more because she's the girl I want to marry. "Hey" I am broke out of my train of thought by a soft hey, it startled me as Sofia has gone to stay with her sister for a few days. "Hey le? Are you okay" it's Kara she walks over brushing tears off my face taking the whiskey out of my hand. And raises an eyebrow. "What to talk about it?" Kara gives me a cheeky grin " are you okay I am so sorry that my mother done that and she done that I have no idea why she did that I am so sorry she knows who you are-" woah lean calm, she's not doing anything not yet I don't think, she actually wanted to know what happened with us because as much has she hates us supers she said i made you happy and she didn't want me to hurt you. She showed me footage of you and Sofia and I know nothing happened until after i accused you, I am sorry for that" Kara for up and she was saying this removing the cameras in my apartment. "I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have reacted like that...wait my mum took you to set my relationship straight" Kara nodded "I think so I'm here aren't I? She cares about you sometimes" Kara giggled. "Hey kara" "yeah??" Kara looked confused "can we start over?" She smiled "Hi, I'm kara Danvers." I smirk "hey, I'm lena Luther"......
I know I know I didn't update I have essays to do...
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