Chapter One

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All charters in this fanfic will be the same as the original television show. Below you will see a list of charters, these are the main people in this fan-fiction. There will be other people introduced into the fanfic but I will update the list or put it in an A/N.
Kara Danvers; by Kara ( Melissa Benoist )
Alex Danvers; by Alex ( Chyler Leigh) Lena Luthor; by Lena ( Katie McGrath)
Maggie Sawyer; by Maggie (Floriana Lima)
Winn Schott; by Winn (Jeremy Jordan)
Cat Grant; Cat ( Calista Flockhart)
Jimmy Olsen; James ( Mehcad Brooks)
That's the cast for now if anyone wants anyone else comment/ dm me let me know ! Your opinion matters
Lena POV
Wow so today has been so stressful I don't even know where to begin. But I haven't got time to even think about today when i have to get ready. Cat Grant is throwing a gala tonight and insisted on me being there. I only agreed on me going because of Kara she always convinces me to go but at least she'll be there to keep me company.
2 hour time skip
I think I look okay backless red dress okay I look okay. The car is here I got my phone my purse and my credit card and cash okay.
-At gala
Oh my god Kara hasn't saw me yet but she's looks amazing like omg she is so beautiful. Damn it I got to stop thinking about her like that.
"Lena HI, I'm so happy you're here I was so bored and miss grant is telling me to mix "
Shit she scared me.
"Oh my Kara you scared the life out of me" I laugh
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. You look amazing my the way Lena" Kara looks me up and down biting her lip I can't help but become nervous in her presence she's just so capturing
"th-h-hank you Kara, you look amazing, seen as we are both here alone and it's filling up, would you Kara Danvers my best friend be my date" Kara laughs loudly pushing her glasses up nervously " of course Lena Luther I will be your date " she snakes her arm around my waist smiling " might as all play the part " she smiles big waking us over to cat grant.
Hey hey I hope this is okay the chapters are going to get longer I'm just getting into it. I'm going to ask for 5 Votes for the next chapter :)

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