Chapter 26

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Lena Pov •||
Jess looks at me with so much shock coming over hugging me "come on le" she pulls me into the office sitting on the chair "what the hell is going on with you two?!!" I just burst into tears, I never let my wall down but me and Jess have been friends for years that's why I trust her so much as my personal assistant. " le come on, talk to me don't bottle up because that does no good for anyone does it" I look at her "no it doesn't but I mean I love her with all my heart Jess with everything I have but she started distancing me before I kissed her sister in which I thought was her, and now they are so close and yes I ignored her because I can't deal with this her treating me different" I don't know maybe it's all knew "it's probably because she's starting to realise that she actually cares what my last name is and what people think of her because she is a new up and coming reporter and I don't think she's out yet I'm not properly out they just take pictures of us and assume but she won't let me touch her in private let alone in public, I just don't know I feel like we've gone through so much and it's going to be for nothing" Jess looked at me not knowing what to say " Le, I have never saw you like this. This is why i know you are not okay, I think you both love each other you just need to get through this bad spot and i mean i know every relationship has bad spots, yeah and i know that it doesn't help a super and a Luther," I look at her shocked "Hhhow do you know" she smiled "Well you guys wasn't quiet it is a good job you only have me up here. But y'all have already passed that, and i know that got brought up in the heat but i am sure neither of you meant it. so tonight go in with a clear mind and have hope for your future for you both because if you don't I am afraid that you have lost each other and that's not what neither of you want" i sad smile looking at her, hugging her "Thank you so much i am so lucky to have you in my life" "she smiles, we have known each other for forever"


I am so lost right now we just said so much and argued so much i don't even know where to begin, we just yelled and argued so much i have no idea how to comprehend anything. * ring ring ring* "Hello?" I picked up the phone without looking at the ID again "Hey Kar?" It's Alex "How did it go with lena" i couldn't hold back my tears so i burst out crying "OMG Kar, where are you?" "I am nearly at Catco, I need to finish stuff for Cat and snapper" "Okay well i am going to meet you there" I nod. "Yea okay" "Keira is coming too as she leaves for London tonight" "Okay"

1 hour later ||

I am sitting in my office when cat walks through the door "Kiera i have been looking for you, I want you to write a new report on Lena Luther she has been quiet lately, you are friends right" "Not at the moment Mrs Grant, Please can you get someone else to do it" *door opens* "Kara we are so sorry the traffic was crazy" Keira and Alex walk in and miss grant looks so shocked. "Kiera you have a twin?" Kiera looks confused "How does this lady know my name?!" "No Ki, she calls me that" "Mrs Grant This is Kiera my twin sister, we only met a few weeks ago and we didn't know about each other because we where adopted at different sides of the pond" "Guess i will have to start calling you Kara" Mrs Grant smiles "So why aren't you and lena together anymore?" my mouth drops as she sits down "I mean it was pretty obvious Kara" Kiera and Alex laughing behind "We are just going through a bad patch at the moment, we are having a talk later" "Well that sounds bloody awful" Kiera said and alex slaps her. "OH MY GOSH I LOVE HER" " Well if you just saw the argument we had in her office she brought our name into it" my hand flies over my mouth "Oh the super and the luthor thing" Me and Alex's mouths where on he floor "well that was also obvious, well i best be going" "don't worry kara i've known for a while your secret is safe with me" she just gets up and leaves "bye kara's sisters" "well okay, we can deal with that later" Alex said replacing where cat was sitting "so what is going on?" "it was just a big mess a lot of screaming and shouting but she wants to meet later at hers to talk." "To talk or to fuck?" kiera said Alex burst out laughing "You two are losers, Ke when are you going" "My plane is later but i will be back in like 2 weeks and my sister is coming with me" "Okay cool, How you getting to the airport?" "Alex is taking me?" "Okay" *Ping* both them look at me

Text Messages

-Lena Love-

Her: Hey Kara, Are you still free tonight?

Me: Yea, I am. What time do you want me to come?

Her: 6pm, Bring an overnight bag.

End Of Messages

They where both squealing "Kar It is like 5:30pm" "SHIT OKAY I NEED TO GET STUFF" I jump up go over and hug them both "Ke I will see you in 2 weeks I will ring and text you basically everyday and we will facetime tonight" she smiles "Have funnnn hahahah" "BYEEEEE" i said i running out.

30 mins later |||

I am so nervous *Knock Knock*



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