Chapter 38

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Karas Pov •||
There's so many things going through my head right now, yes I was worried that she'd do this and she did do it, I don't understand how she's turning this around on me, but it's fine it's whatever,! The only reasonable thing I can do right now is kiss her softly and go take my stuff and leave because I can't be here, she doesn't want me here so what's the point of me being here. I sad smile and walk out, picking up my phone to ring alex,
A: hey kar? You okay
K: and Lena just broke up *sobs down the Phone*
A: kar where are you are you okay?!
K: hm Im not sure I have just been walking and ouch what was that?!!!! Alex Kryptonite !!! Alex, alex
Alex Pov•|||
I run through the deo screaming "search on supergirl now !!! She was just hit by kryptonite" everyone kind of goes into overdrive whenever they hear kryptonite, win do a search on all the kryptonite signals you are getting" I am visibly nervous, shit Lena, fo i call her, they just broke up, no I can't call her "Alex we're getting a signal it's coming from one of the suspected Cadmus bases" j'onn looks at me to say ring Lena, so I go upto my lab and calmly sit down.
*ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ringring ring ring ringring ring ring ring*
A: Lena you best pic up
ring ring ring ring
L: Alex if you are ringing me threatening to kill me because I cheated or hurt kara go away I am really not in the mood for that..
A: First of all if you cheated on my sister I'm going to kill you. Secondly Kara didn't get to tell me any of that because she was kidnapped by your mother"

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