Chapter Three

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Lena POV•||
I can't help but smile big waking us over to cat grant. Oh gosh the look cat is all ready looking at us with that mysterious cat Grant look. Oh gosh.
"Cat Grant always throws the best events, thank you so much for the invite" I say very professionally smiling big at miss grant, shaking her hand . Cat keeps looking between me and Kara very shocked. Kara moved her arm off Me nervously, I can't help but squint my eyes at her and rap my arm around her waist. "You two?! Since when? Kiera ?! I knew you had a crush on her it's so obvious but wow" Erm kiera?, I'm so confused right now Kiera oh KARA wait wait crush omg Kara has a crush on me "Kiera ? Crush?" I can't help but smirk looking at her. "erm erm Keira she calls me Kiera as for a crush no miss grant she's my best friend" Kara says looking down going bright red "would have fooled me you two look like you have been together for years" miss grant says waving her hand walking off. Cat Grant really is something else. I spin to face Kara raising my eye brow "soooo Kara Danvers has a crush on me" I can't help but tease smiling at her.she roles her eyes walking away fast turning a dark shade of red. "Hey hey hey Kara wait I was joking" I walk after her " don't walk away from me" I said seriously I don't understand what just happened "okay" Kara has suddenly went mute and not answering me. "Kara your my best friend please don't walk away from me when I was joking I mean would it really be that bad if you did have s crush on me ? Do I repulse you that much" It just slips out of my mouth without thinking I can't help but to looks to the floor looking pissed. Kara suddenly grabs me walking to cat, " erm hi miss grant we're just leaving thank you for a lovely evening and I'll see you tomorrow" miss grant smirked looking at towards a  pissed off me trying not to look pissed off smiling to a rambling Kara who looks extremely guilty for my mood change "you know what Kara take the weekend off I'll see you 12pm Monday" cat is letting Kara have the weekend off I hope she's okay ahaha how is she going to cope without Kara. "are you for real ? " Kara looks at her so shocked "yes now go before I change my mind, now miss Luther please make sure she doesn't come in she hasn't took holiday in 3 years" I smile agreeing saying our goodbyes and that we should have lunch soon. Kara blushes slightly bidding her fair well. Kara walks off not saying a word to me "Are you really just going to avoid what I said" I cant help but look at her in disbelief i just turn to walk the other way I can't deal with her right now it was a joke and she goes so serious, WHAT THE HELL SHE HAS PICKED ME UP and put her in the taxi with me. "You must be kidding me " I said in disbelief "Nnope" She said blankly paying the man getting out walking fastly up to her apartment I can't help but huff and stomp behind her . Kara opens her door shutting it behind me. " Kara I really don't know what your issue is ever since cat said that and I made that joke about you having a crush you've went mute" Kara lightly grabs my waist placing her lips on mine. What the hell ?!! omg she kissed me she's still kissing me. Before I had chance to respond she pulls away. " I'm I'm I'm I'm so sorry" i just wrap my arms around her neck and kiss her softly. Omg this is happening.

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