Chapter 34

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Karas Pov•
So a few days ago Lena was on the phone and they where talking in spanish and stuff i understand Spanish a little I mean I passed in high school, but yeah she's so excited about her friend coming and me meeting her but haven't told her I'm going to London to meet Kiras other family.
"Hey le" "yes my love, I'm just about to go collect Sofia from the airport" "about that do you mind giving me a lift?" Lena stopped and turned looking at me dead on "where are you going?" " I'm going to London" "what?!" "Kiera wants me to go with her and her parents booked me, her, Alex tickets to go" "oh right then" "le don't be mad" "why didn't you tell me before?!" "You've gotten so excited that you're friend is coming I just thought y'all can get to spend time together" "you've forgotten her name haven't you Kara" "no" "her name is Sofia" "I knew it was" "please stop lying to me kara" as she said that my phone rings. I walk out the room and here Lena start to cuss

Alex: hey kar I'll pick you up in my taxi I'm with Kiera so we will be at lenas in 25 mins
Me: Al I might be getting a ride with Lena but I'll message you.
Alex: Is everything okay?
Me: I didn't tell Lena I was going London and her best friend gets here today
Alex: for god sake kar
Me: i mean I didn't think I had to but yea I'll text you
"Okay forget about the ride I'm going with Kiera and Alex I don't want to argue with you"
"Well this is pathetic" lena says storming off into her bedroom

-20 mins later-
Me and Lena have just been ignoring each other which is awkward I know I probably should have told her but I knew she'd be mad.

"Hey Lena" she walks out of her room as I call her and it looks like she's been crying, oh shit what did I do
"I'm going to go I have to take my bags downstairs and Alex and Kiera will be here in a moment" she just nods
"When see you back kara? Or didn't you think I needed to know that either?" "I'm back in 12 days" "see you then" she just nods and walks back into her room.
•knock knock•
"Lena I don't want to leave like this" "Kara you have to go" "le please I didn't mean to hurt you" she opens her door " I'm not a demanding girlfriend I never ask where you are or what you are doing and I pre warn you every time I leave the state by at least a week or a day if it's an emergency but you tell me not even an hour before you need to be at the airport to leave the country?!! It just doesn't make sense to me that you would do that to me when you know Sofia is coming but it's whatever I'll see when you are back" I am speechless I know I'm in the wrong but that hurt My phone starts ringing and I know it's Alex "you got to go Kara have fun" " I'm sorry - " don't apologise I'll see you soon" Lena says walking into her room. Oh god I just really fucked up.


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