Chapter 39

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Kara •
What the hell I literally was talking to Alex and a bag got put over my head. It's got to be laced with kryptonite because I literally can't move, like I needed this now i just broke up with my best friend. I am trying to fight but I literally can't do anything like nothing. I just give up. Suddenly my hands got cuffed tighter in the van and the bag from my head comes back off. Lillian Is laughing at me "so my daughter finally gave up on you thank god" i just look at her I am not playing into her stupidness. "Okay Lillian, what do you want?" "Nothing really I just thought it would be fun to show how easy it was to kidnap you when you're guard is down" "well okay then, wouldn't expect anything less from you" I'm siting here so confused there is no way in the world that Lena told her mother about us or rang her mother to say about the break up so lenas house must have like cameras and stuff in there. "Sooo Lillian, how'd you know me and Lena broke up?" " just heard it" "how?!" "I like checking up on her so I have a few cameras dotted around her appointment" "that is unbelievably creepy" "no no" I can't help but laugh "so can I go now? Have you got some agenda you want to scream at me?" Lillian smirks evilly "a storm is coming"

Wowa the following on this is crazy !!! This is just a quick one it's a build up for chapter 40 !!!
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