Chapter six

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Soooo i uploaded this at 4am on accident 😂😳 my bad but I've edited it and made it longer !

Kara pov •||
THIS IS HAPPENING OH MY GOOD GOD THIS IS HAPPENING LENA JUST BASICALLY ASKED ME TO BE HER GIRLFRIEND OR THAT SHE IMPLIED IT OH RAO. *blushes looking down* Lena softly pulls my chin up so that I'm looking at her "so what do you say miss Danvers will you be my girlfriend" oh my god oh gosh I nod leaning in kissing her softly "I'll take that as a yes" Lena giggles "a definite yes" I can't help but blush hiding in her neck. "You miss Danvers are so cute" I can't help but look at her and poke her face laughing loudly when she looked at me funny "sorry I was just checking this wasn't a dream" Lena looked at me laughing loudly carrying me to the sofa. "So kar what you doing on your few days off?" "Erm probably just Netflix and potstickers" Lena smirks kissing my jaw, " are you willing to share with you're girlfriend?" " damn that's really going to have to settle in but of course you can join me" the butterfly's in my stomach are going crazy.
Lena POV
Holy shit I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes ?!! Omg this is crazy "I guess we have cat grant to thank for this" i said shocked that cat grant almost destroyed our friendship but she got us together. "I guess you could say that" Kara rubbed her head neck tiredly "you tired angel?" Kar nods slowly, she stands up walking to her bedroom then to the bathroom sleepily changing her clothes into s baggy shirt coming back out passing me s baggy tshirt. "Your staying right" kar looks at me with big eyes "Lenaaaaaa it's not like you haven't stayed before go get changed" she laughed as I nodded. When I came back out she was in bed cozy as soon as I lay down she turned and snuggled into me. "I've waited so long to do this" she whispered kissing my lips softly before falling asleep

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