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That's the most you've touched me in months" wow well that hurt, Lena looked just as shocked that she had said that. I put her into bed and got in the other side. I mean me and her have been through so much and I don't know if either of us are happy anymore we really need to talk about this when she is sober.

Lena Pov•||
I wake up and rub my eyes softly before opening them. Shocking me a little that I'm in karas bed. I don't even remember getting here oh shit i hope I didn't say anything wrong or piss her off because you know drunk wine Lena is blunt no filter Lena. I roll over and kiss her on her cheek. She opens her eyes and smiles at me a little. "Do you need water and aspirin?" Is the first thing she asks me. I nod she passes me a bottle of water from inside her bedside table with some aspirin "there you go" she goes to get up and walk off. I hold her arm she looks at me "Thank you" she smiles "no problem" she is acting so weird I don't get it I know we're no where near where we used to be but we were getting better. "Hm hey kar can you come sit here can we talk" she looked nervous but nodded and came and sat at the end of the bed, looking straight at me. "Did i say something bad last night ?" Kara was messing with her nails biting picking " kar" she looked down "erm you just made a comment after I helped you shower and put in in bed" a tear rolled down her cheek " kar what did I say?" "You just said it was the most I had touched you in months, and I know it was i i i get nervous I don't want to hurt you while we do it and I just want to be good enough for you and I know I'm not that, I saw pics of you last night with that girl and you looked so happy you never look like that with me anymore. I don't feel good enough for you, I mean you can get anyone so why me?" Oh my god I had no idea that she felt this was I mean I feel like she's to good for me. I pull her onto me making her sit on my lap "Kara, I love you. You are good enough for me you will always be good enough for me, we were just going through a bad spot every relationship has them and for you thinking you'll hurt me don't be silly, we can work with that considering I like it a bit harder than the usual person (Kara burst out laughing) see there that smile which I love but baby you are beyond good enough for me I am lucky to have you."
•••Sexual content please don't read if you are underage or get offended. I have to put this in here sorry •••
Kara straddled me kissing me softly "I love you" I smile putting my hands under her shirt on her waist slowly stroking kissing her. Kara softly kisses my neck "mmm kar" "Kara" kar looks at me "we don't have to do this if your not ready Okay?" Kar smiles " I'm serious we can wait" Kara keeps kissing my neck softly, I move it to the side allowing her to have more access. Kara scrapes her teeth softly against my neck " mmm kar that felt so good" "le we gotta be quiet there's other people her one of them also has very good hearing" I giggle and nod sliding down and rolling over so Kara was lying down and I was now straddling her. "Hhow??" I giggle taking her baggy top off along with my own. Smirking as she has no bra on, kissing down her body making sure I pay attention to each miope while carrying on down pulling her panties off with my teeth than teasing her kissing along her inner thighs blowing on her opening "Lena stop teasing" Kara screamed out I burst out laughing because you didn't need super hearing to hear how loud she just shouted that. "Kara now everyone knows we're doing you know" "good than maybe no one will disturb us" I literally can't stop laughing I go up and kiss her softly "you are so cute" I go back down licking her slit mmm she tastes so good I slowly use one finger to open her folds up while sucking softly on her clit flicking it with my tongue, Kara is panting so loudly grabbing my hair a lot softer than I expected I slowly slide two fingers in taking my time while flicking her clit with my tongue going faster, Kara bucked her hips I pushed them back down rubbing her waist I added another finger going faster "HOLY RAO LENA" "Kar be quite" i laughed "oh my rao lena oh my" Kara released I smiled oh my god that was so beautiful she is so beautiful I clean her up letting her ride her high, before I could even think she had flipped us over, whispering in my ear now it's time to show you that it's hard being quite, Kara slowly took my nipple into her mouth while her other hand took my panties off, when she had done this she straddled me grinding softly so we where grinding together. We were both moaning but when she started sucking on my nipple my hips booked but she pushed down so I stayed she gave each nipple enough attention before moving down blowing very cold air may I add down there I think she is doing it on purpose "HOLY SHIT" definitely on purpose Kara giggles while sliding her tongue in slowly eating me out while her thumb rubs my clit. My body is going crazy but Kar just holds me down "mmmmm Kar Im so close shit" Kara went faster until I released she let me ride out my high while cleaning me up. "Holy shit that was good" Kara crawled back up kissing me softly I moan "Kar that was amazing" "you are amazing" I grin hugging her well let's go shower. I get out and pick her up walking to the bathroom.

—- 1 hour later me and Kara are washed up—-
"Le you look so nervous" Kara laughed coming over to me "because your sisters just more than likely heard ya having sex" Kara giggles "it's fine" Kara stood up taking my hand you ready ? "Of course"

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