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Recap: Kara Pov-
I literally walk through the door of leans and she is sooooo zoned out with a glass of whiskey in her hands like legit staring into space like krypton space ahaha, "le baby" Lena still didn't answer "leeeenaaaaaaa" I said waving my hand I front of her face. "Oh hi baby" Lena said standing up kissing me softly mm it was such a soft kiss such a nice feeling coming home to her, my thoughts where interrupted by a big explosion outside. Lena pulled away and looked in horror. "Kara?! The explosion came from the DEO" Alex's comes through my intercoms.

Kara pov•
I give lena a hug she looked at me with so much fear "baby what if there's kryptoninte?!" "Le I've got to go it might be your mum and I got to help alex, I'll message Kira and tell her to come And stay with you but you need to stay here Lena" I give her a kiss and shoot off while messaging Kira telling her to go keep an eye on Lena because I can't be in 2 places at once and I don't want Lena in danger. Alex comes through my coms and tells me she thinks it's Cadmus so I start to fly faster, once I get there there's so many of them I start speeding and taking them to jail sells in the deo so there are less people to deal with right now, that's when I see him his fucking heart is made out of kryptonite, you have to be kidding me.

Lena pov• Im so worried about Kara, right now I'm in my home lab trying to perfect 2 test costumes which block out the interference of kryptonite one for Kira one for Kara of course, so they have something that blocks the effects so they can still be themselves around kryptonite.

Honestly she scares the shit out of me, sometimes I wish that I didn't know because it worries me so much, like she's out there and all I can do is build a suit what will block out her only weakness.
There's a knock at the door and it's Kira, "sup leens, Kara dent mr to watch you she's worried about you" "Kara is crazy you should be helping her not me?!" "Lena you know what she's like plus she has Alex, she's got this" I give her a slight smile "well make yourself at home I'm going to be in the lab" Kiera looked excited "CAN I HELP" oh lord "yeah sure whatever" she jumps up and down excited" "you and Kara are creepily similar it freaks me out" Kiera starts laughing "come on then let's go I majored in law and chemistry and minored in physics and biology, what can I help with" I look at her shocked "excuse me what?" She bust out laughing "I don't look like I did right crazy we all have our little talents mine is I'm a freak for science" I look at her still in shock "come on Lena" we was in the lab and we are trying to wire together the anti inflammatory part of the suit and I am so thankful that I have someone else helping me do this.
— 1 hour later——
"WE DID IT" Kira shouted, I can't help but to laugh at her, "Now just to wait for Kara to test it" I say sitting down. "I can do it?" Kira says "no no no no Kara is used to kryptonite a small dose won't effect her if the suit is not to work. "Lena I'm sure I'll be fine plus if it works we can make another plane one and I can take it to Kara" I mean okay I get her plan but I don't want to put her in danger. "Erm I don't know" "comeeeeee onnnnnnn lena" "fine the littlest bit" Kira literally jumps up and down like happy dancing "go get changed and let's see what's going on"
-10 minutes later-
"Kira are you okay ???" "YEAH IM GOOD" "are you sure?" "yeah I don't understand how Kara gets into one of these so fast bloody hell its difficult" I couldn't help but burst into fits of laughter"

Just a quick one
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