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So hey y'all !!, Firstly I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with this fanfic!! Through me uploading everyday to once every few months! I really appreciate that y'all have stuck with it and I am beyond thankful!!

Secondly, HEY to all the new readers I hope y'all are enjoying I'm so sorry I am going through a quiet spell but when I have more ideas it will pick up !!

SOOOO WE HAVE over 26K reads that's insane !! Thank y'all for supporting my little fanfic!! If I got this many reads on my blog I'd go crazy 😂😂 but yeah it means so much !! And also the 1.09K likes that's incredible Thank you!!! And the over 200 comments.

Thank y'all !!! You are all so amazing and I'll be uploading a long chapter soon for y'all !!
Also can y'all DM meee some good fanfics to read please!!, Demi.Clexa.Supercorp ... anything which will make my gay heart explode basically.

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