Chapter 35

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Lena Pov •||
I still can't get over the fact that Kara left me like that she just went to London like that the hell "le" "lena" "Lena" "yes sorry Sofia"  "Qué estás pensand (what is on your mind)" "simplemente no entiendo por qué ella haría eso (I just dont understand why she would do that)" "hey hey Lena just forget about it maybe it's going to be good for you both to have some space" "yeah I guess, how about we other take out watch a movie and catch up" Sofie smiled big "YASSSSSSS"

2 weeks later ••••
Sofie is still here and it's like we've been never been apart me and Kara haven't spoken since she went to London and the tension between us is unreal, she gets back today and she's coming straight here from the airport, but yeah that's not for a few hours me and Sofie have decided to have a nap.
•3 hours later•
*door slams*
Me and Sofie wake up "Dios mío, qué demonios era eso (My God, what the hell was that?)" "lemme check" i open the door and see Kara walking in the elevator, oh shit she just saw me and Sofie cuddled on the sofa, *phone call*
Me: Kara wait
Kar: We're done
Kar: i come back from London to see you all cuddled up with someone on your sofa what the hell lena
Me: wait in the lobby
Kar: fine

- 2 mins later-
Me: don't even start yellin she has been my best friend since we where 14, we do cuddle because she is like my sister and we where just napping, there was no need to storm out and than break up with me over the phone ?! Do you really want to break up

Kar: that's not the point her head was in your neck and you looked like you was in a relationship, and I don't know is that what you want

Me: well we're not Kara !!! She is my sister My best friend, how long will it take for you to trust me for goodness sake you know I love you but you always knock me back and belittle my feelings for you.

Kar: I do not.

Me: yes you do

Kar: I'm not having a yes and no argument with you I'm going home.

Me: how mature of you.
I turn around and storm to the elevator. Maybe I should give her a god damn reason not to trust me.

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