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Jaune is walking through the Emerald Forest, he slammed his fist against a tree deep in the Emerald Forest; the bark breaking around his fist. He felt anger and shame that everything has came to this. He remembers when he revealed his transcripts to Pyrrha, she accepted it and told him to tell Nora and Ren. He did and they accepted him with open arms, but Cardin found out about it and threaten to blackmail him. When the events of Forever Falls came, he saved Cardin from the Ursai. He thought he would be free from him. But Fate decided to not be on his favor as Cardin revealed his transcripts and told everyone that he was the one that killed the Ursai

After that it was continuous beatings and harassment from every student at Beacon. Both Ruby and Blake felt sorry and stood by his side the entire time, but they did it without Weiss and Yang knowing. His team stood by him as well and even the staff of Beacon. A couple of students didn't bully him, team CFVY stood by his side as well because Jaune has helped Velvet numerous times before.

Jaune learned that his father contacted Ozpin and that he was to be disowned from the Arc Family and to be replaced by his new son that he adopted and trained to be the perfect Arc warrior. Ozpin and Glynda were shocked and angry that Jaune's father refused to train him but allowed someone else to be trained and the worst part is, is that he is not of their blood. Jaune had enough and told Ozpin that he quits Beacon. But he made a promise that he'll come back stronger than ever. Ozpin accepted the deal and hoped Jaune would return.

Now Jaune is sitting by a tree in the Emerald Forest as he's thinking of what to do now.

Jaune: Dammit, where do I go from here? Maybe I should ask Saphron for help. If I recall she was also disowned by him. Ughhh, I can't believe him, he disowned Saphron because if the child is not of Arc Blood then you are not part of the family. Go to hell old man. You married into the family just for the name.

Jaune just sighs and stands up.

Jaune: Oh well, Saphron's place it is then.

Jaune then begins trekking through the Emerald Forest when he notices a couple of Beowulfs that see him.

Jaune: Shit

With no weapons and armor, Jaune made a break for it and ran. But with his emotions, the Beowulfs attract the negativity and chase after him. Jaune continues running as fast as he can.

Jaune: Shit, shit, shit. I need to outmaneuver them but where do I go?

Jaune then saws something that catches his eye. A weird portal in the distance. Thinking this is his only chance to escape, he makes a break for it to the portal.

Jaune: I don't care what's beyond that portal. I just need to get out of here.

Jaune runs through the portal as it closes leaving the Beowulfs behind. Jaune opens his eyes when landed. He realise that the floor is metal and that he is in some sort of command center.

Jaune: 'Am I in Atlas'

Then a orange hair man approaches Jaune.

???: Excuse me, but did you just come out of that portal?

???: Excuse me, but did you just come out of that portal?

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Jaune: Well.....let's just say it's a long story.

Author's Notes:
- There are a few stories of Jaune that uses the Servants and Class Cards. Shame majority of them were not finished or discontinued.

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