Chapter 39

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Edison: Jaune! Ironwood is broadcasting this to the entirety of Remnant!

Fionna: He's insane.

Scathach: This idiot went on the deep end.

Diarmuid: His kind are a disgrace to this planet. The people of Atlas are scum and monsters. They have no honor!

Jaune: Has BB tracked the signal!?

Edison: She has, we're sending a team of Servants there way.

Jaune is panicking he watches the broadcast as his family is being held hostage.

Ironwood: Now then Pendragon, I know you sent your Servants to find us and I'm going to make this quick. Surrender all your equipment and Servants to Atlas or else.

As Ironwood brings out his handgun and aims it at Juniper. Jaune's eyes widen when he realise what he is about to do. He holds his tears as Ironwood shot Juniper in the head killing her. The people watching are shocked on what just happened, the Servants are furious they will make them pay. Ozpin is furious at what Ironwood is doing, Qrow is ready to tear apart Ironwood. Jaune's friends are shocked and are crying, Weiss had no words.


Ironwood: This is what will happen, call off your Servants and surrender them to us. If you're wondering why their Aura didn't save them. Well, I persuaded Pietro to make this after all, it took me pointing a gun at Penny and shooting her multiple times to do it. After all she is just a machine and a tool for Atlas.

Ruby look at Ironwood in anger, Penny is a human not a tool. She doesn't care anymore, she'll join his Uncle, Jaune, and his Servants on the fight against Atlas.

As Ironwood gesture Winter and the Ace Ops to bring the rest of the Arc sisters, Terra, and Adrian. Winter, Clover, Elm, Marrow, and Vine do not agree with this. While Harriet is fine with this after all this is for the good of Atlas.

Ironwood: Call them off Pendragon. Now.

Jaune is hesitant, if he calls off his Servants there is no telling what Ironwood would do.

Jaune: Edison status?!

Edison: They're nearing the location Jaune!

Jaune: Tell them to hurry it up!!

In the video feed Ironwood got a call saying they detected a ship. In his anger he shoots Saphron in the face.


Scathach: They will all pay!!

Fionna: We won't show them mercy!!

Diarmuid: Every last one of them will fall!!

As Adrian cries as Harriet told the kid to shut up, which made it worse. Harriet was about to punch Adrian but Elm stopped her.

Elm: No, that's enough Harriet!

Vine: We do not hurt children!

Marrow: You are crossing a line here Harriet!!

Clover: Stand down now!!

Harriet: Tch.

Ironwood: Dammit they're coming, all of you kill them now! They have no use to us!!

Harriet nods as she shoots Alex Arc as her body falls to the ground.


Mash and Pyrrha are trying to calm Jaune down as he cries.

Winter and the other Ace Ops are hesitant to pull the trigger. Ironwood notices this and shouts at them.

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