Chapter 41

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In Chaldea all the two teams and the Beacon Staff alongside the Servants are discussing the plan.

Sherlock: So as you all know, we will launch a full scale attack on Atlas. But before we do that, we need to request for Robyn Hill's help to protect Mantle. No doubt they would be in the crossfire during our attack.

Jaune: Don't worry about the Servants I got that covered.

Ruby: So what's our mission Mr. Holmes?

Sherlock: Hour mission is to oversee the evacuation of Mantle, we set up a staging ground for all the citizens of Mantle to stay in as we attack Atlas.

Da Vinci: And according to what Winter told us there is a good chance that Atlas Forces will attack Mantle.

Weiss: But Mantle is part of Atlas! Why would they attack them?!

Gilgamesh (Caster): Cause they have no use to Atlas anymore and are willing to dispose of them.

Da Vinci: We'll have Servants eliminate the soldiers if they ever attack Mantle.

Ren: And what about the Grimm? The people would surely panic and it will attract the Grimm.

Da Vinci: Well that's where you come in. We'll have your Team and Team RWBY eliminate all the Grimm you encounter inside the city. Ozma will lead your group as the other Servants will hold the like and protect the people from Atlas and Grimm in the borders of Mantle, while you all oversee the evacuations.

Sherlock: As for the Ace Ops and Winter, they'll help us infiltrate Atlas with Pietro and Penny.

Blake: Why are we headed to Atlas?

Ozpin: To retrieve the Winter Maiden and the Relic of Creation.

Nora: Isnt that the 4 Maiden's thing that you talked to us about Headmaster?

Ozpin: Yes, we already have the Fall Maiden safe here in Chaldea and the Spring Maiden in custody.

Ruby: Who's the Spring Maiden?

Qrow: That's a need to know basis for now, sorry Ruby.

Ozpin: We best get a move on, we need to be one step ahead of Ironwood. All of you prepare your gear and head to the Aircrafts.

They all nod as they leave the Command Center.

Gilgamesh (Caster): You know Ironwood is going to use the Relic of Creation to get a Servant right.

Ozpin: Yes I know, but due to the Winter Maiden's condition. He can't open the Vault. Do you have the medicine from Paracelsus?

Gilgamesh (Caster): Yes I do.

Ozpin: Good, we need to make sure the Winter Maiden and Relic of Creation is away from both Salem and Ironwood.

Gilgamesh (Caster): I'll make the preparations, I'll speak with the Merlins to set up the barrier.

Ozpin nods as he heads out to the aircrafts to see his students leave. Meanwhile Teams RWBY and PNR are waiting for Jaune.

Nora: What's taking Jaune so long?

Pyrrha: He's still in the Summoning Room.

Weiss: Why would he be there at this time?

Ren: He said, he's trying to summon more Servants. 

Ruby: Look there he is!

The two Teams look towards Jaune and see him with Constantine XI in his 3rd Ascension.

The two Teams look towards Jaune and see him with Constantine XI in his 3rd Ascension

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