Chapter 9

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The Next Day

In Ozpin's office, Ozpin is looking through his office window as Ironwood's fleet arrives.

Merlin: Didn't the Council already agreed that Chaldea would be the one doing security for the Festival?

Ozpin: Yes they did.

Gilgamesh (Caster): Then why did your so called General of Atlas brought his army?

Ozpin: He's here for a reason Gilgamesh. But I will speak to him regarding this matter.

Gilgamesh (Caster): Good

Merlin: Oh by the way Ozpin, Da Vinci already approved your request to let us teach your students. We gathered a few of the Servants and see if they would like to teach your students everything that they know.

Merlin hands Ozpin a list of Servants that decided to teach the students.

Lancelot (Saber)
Paracelsus von Hohenheim
Dr. Jekyll and Hyde
Thomas Edison
Nicolas Tesla
Li Shuwen (Assassin)
Gaius Julius Caesar

Merlin: Oh if you wondering about them getting injured. Don't worry, we will set up a station for Nigntingale to heal your students.

Ozpin: Are these the only Servants that volunteered so far?

Merlin: There are a few that volunteered, but due to us doing Securtiy for your Festival. They are preoccupied.

Gilgamesh (Caster): But don't worry Ozpin. We made sure to prove to them that we can be better than those Mongrels.

Ozpin: I understand...but just keep the damage to a minimum.

They were all interrupted when Ironwood came out of the Elevator.

Ironwood: Ah Ozpin!

Ozpin: Hello, General.

Ironwood: Please, drop the formalities and who are these two.

Merlin: I am Merlin and this here is Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh (Caster): Greetings Mongrel.

Ironwood was confused as the name.

Merlin: He likes calling people Mongrels. You get used to it.

Ironwood nods

Ozpin: James we need to discuss about your fleet arriving in Vale.

Ironwood: There's nothing to discuss Ozpin, my men are here for security.

Ozpin: There's no need for that as these gentlemen are already overseeing security here in Vale for the Vytal Festival.

Ironwood: Oh and how would you know that they have the skills and capabilities of protecting Vale.

Ozpin: Well let me tell you of our latest operation that just happened a few days ago.

As Ozpin shows the aftermath of Mt. Glenn

Ozpin: They send their men to Mt. Glenn to clear it out of Grimm and they succeeded. As well as dismantling a White Fang operation to bomb Vale.

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