Chapter 30

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The battle has begun as all the Servants begin attacking the Grimm and the White Fang.

Jaune: Ozpin, make sure all of you hold this line! We cannot let them take Beacon, me and the Servants will handle them.

Ozpin: Of course Jaune.

Pyrrha: Good luck Jaune.

Jaune does a salute as him and Mash ran towards the fight. Cinder and Adam are trying to fight the Servants but are getting beatdown as every time they attack it does nothing as the Servants swatted them off.

Jaune and Mash then appeared as Mash bashes Mercury's face, breaking his jaw as he gets sent flying. Emerald attacks Mash but Jaune uses his Magecraft to fire a blast as she gets sent flying.

Jaune: It's you and me now.

Cinder: Tch, your summons are being a thorn in my plans for far too long. Let's finish this.

Jaune: Indeed.

As Jaune and Mash charge at Cinder as she uses her Maiden powers to fire at him but Mash blocks her attacks with the shield as Jaune brings out a sword and delivers slashes on Cinder, then he summoned a Servant as Billy the Kid appears and shoots Cinder as she gets hit and then Mash bashed her in the face with her shield as she gets sent flying.

Just then they see an energy blast headed straight towards them as they explode. Adam smirks when he saw them explode as the smoke clears he sees David appear as Jaune and Mash materialises back. Adam was angered by this and charges at them but was intercepted by Nero

Nero: Umu, Don't count us out just yet.

As Nero and Adam clashed blades as Nero's sword is doing more damage and pushing Adam back, he tries to absorb the attacks but has no effect, he tries to escape but chains suddenly restrain him.

Enkidu: I think not.

Then suddenly projectiles hit Adam as he explodes. Jaune looks and sees Francis Drake on her ship firing cannons at Adam. Adam gets up with him being burned a bit as he stands up as a beam of Red electric energy hits him as he gets sent flying into a building. He gets out of the building and sees Mordred.

Mordred: Yo!

Mordred charges at Adam.

Mordred: Let's go you Bull Bastard!!

As Mordred delivers slashes at Adam, he tries to block it but fails as Mordred sends him flying as she delivers a sword strike that sends him to the ground as Nero, Musashi, Sigurd, Siegfried, Gilles (Saber), Muramasa all attack him at once. As Adam is being ganged up as he tries to defend himself.

Jaune watches the fight as Mash sees someone.

Mash: Senpai!!!

Cinder charges at them with her Maiden powers, they defend themselves as Medusa appears and uses her eyes to paralyse Cinder for a brief second as Edmond appears and delivers a charged punch at Cinder that sends her flying. Emerald sees this and is angered she screams as she produces an illusion but it had no effect on them as EMIYA (Alter) punches her.

EMIYA (Alter): Annoying brat.

Just then the White Fang Lieutenant appears with a chainsaw as he charges at them as he screams in rage. But was squished when Avicebron appears as his golems stomp on the White Fang Lieutenant.

Avicebron: I have this covered Jaune, my Golems will make short work of the Grimm.

Jaune nods as he sees Mercury as he tries to fix his jaw, he sees Jaune and charges at him but was hit when swords came raining down on him. Jaune looks at one of the building and sees Kid Gil as he smirks.

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