Chapter 32

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It's the next day and repairs are going extremely well in Vale as everything is getting back to normal, courtesy of Gilgamesh (Caster) working nonstop the entire night, with Enkidu overseeing the entire operation to make sure Gilgamesh (Caster) dosent die from overworking or passes out in the street.

It's the next morning and all the students are in Chaldea having their breakfast as Jaune and Ozpin arrive.

Ruby: Hello Jaune, Headmaster.

Jaune: Hello Ruby, it seems you're enjoying yourself.

Ruby: Yup, EMIYA (Archer) whipped up a batch of cookies for me, I'm just hoping Boudica doesn't give me greens again.

Jaune: Nah I feel like Raikou or Beni-enma would most likely do that. Anyway, once you guys are done head to the control center we have things to talk about.

Everyone nods as Blake follows Jaune and Ozpin.

Blake: Jaune do you mind if I can speak with you?

Ozpin: I'll meet you in the Control Center Jaune.

Jaune nods as Ozpin left.

Jaune: Let's head to one of the rooms to talk.

They head into one of the recreational rooms of Chaldea as Jaune gestures Blake to sit in the couch as he does the same.

Jaune: So what do you wanna talk about?

Blake: I saw what you guys did to Adam and I don't know how to feel about that.

Jaune: It's fine by me, after all he killed my sister. I think he deserved a pain worse than death.

Blake: He killed your sister?

Jaune: Yes, I don't like mentioning it often, but it happened before I went to Beacon, we had a family outing in Mistral and the White Fang attacked. They got me and my sister and a couple other civilians. Adam stated that humans and Faunus should not co exist together and stared executing them. Luckily a bunch of Huntsman and Huntresses arrive and dealt with the White Fang. I went to save my sister but Adam saw me and decided to kill her to send a message. I watched as he brutally murdered my sister. I looked him in the eye and begged for mercy and he didn't care. That's why that scum doesn't deserve anything in this life. Trust me Blake we're going to Menagerie and dealing with the White Fang.

Blake: Wait you're going to Menagerie?

Jaune: Yes we wish to speak to your father about the leadership of the White Fang, if Sienna Khan doesn't accept her crimes we will deal with her personally.

Blake: But Sienna wouldn't allow this. She dosent approve of the violent acts of the White Fang

Jaune: We'll see Blake. Right now, we need to head to the Control Center. After the shit Atlas just pulled, there is much to discuss.

Blake nods as they head to the Control Center where Teams RWY, NPR, CFVY, Ozpin, Glynda, Qrow, Sherlock, and Da Vinci are waiting for them.

Sherlock: Ah now that Jaune is here we can start the meeting.

Da Vinci: Now then, Ozpin what was the final verdict from the Council?

Ozpin: They cut off all business they have with Atlas, their stunt they pulled last night was an Act of War, we informed the other 3 Councils of this and they reprimanded Atlas for this if they would do the same thing to them.

Qrow: I take it the good ole Atlas Council didn't take a liking to it.

Sherlock: They didn't, they were angry that we took out there army all so easily and are planning to retaliate soon.

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