Chapter 11

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Now we see Ozpin, Ironwood, Glynda, Port, Oobleck, Teams RWBY, PNR, CFVY, and Jaune's family all crowding around here demanding an explanation on what just happened. Jaune already turned back to his normal form as Gilgamesh (Archer) did not want to deal with this.

Ironwood: So Mr. Pendragon, do you mind explaining about all of this. Considering that the two people right beside me are your summons, same goes for those beside you. Which doesn't make sense considering no Semblance in Remnant couldn't do anything like this.

Coco: Also you promised us Jaune you would tell us everything.

Nora: Yeah! I wanted to know how to blow up stuff like your summons!!

Blake: Or how Mash was able to create a castle out of nothing but her shield.

Juniper: And why do two of those girls look like your sisters Jaune?

Saphron: Especially her.

As she points at Jeanne d'Arc

Jaune: Alright everyone! I think it's best if I explain everything back at Chaldea.

Pyrrha: Chaldea?

Ozpin: Jaune are you sure about this?

Gilgamesh (Caster): He trusts them Ozpin..well except for those two. Considering the problem is already dealt with, there is no reason for him to tell his family and friends.

Ozpin: I see.

Merlin: Don't worry we made plans incase anybody tries to break in Chaldea. She won't get any ideas Ozpin don't you worry about it.

Ozpin nods as Jaune had Ozymandias call for his mount.

Coco: So uh.....what do we about this mess?

As they look at the bodies and the aftermath of the fight.

Salter: We could give the dead bodies to Avicebron.

Karna: Knowing him, he could use these to make more Golems.

Jaune: I'll have him come to Beacon and collect all the remains and send a Caster to help restore this area. Ozy are we all set.

Ozymandias: My mount has arrived Jaune.

They all looked and see Meseket.

Jaune: Alright please enter the boat, we will head to Chaldea.

Weiss: A boat really?

Coco: Hey Ice Queen, if you forgot we rode on a Pirate ship this shit ain't weird for us.

Blake: It's true Weiss, Jaune and Coco's team literally came out of a Pirate Ship. Don't question it and just get in.

Oobleck examines the boat.

Port: Something on your mind Barty?

Oobleck: Why yes, this boat is familiar to me. I just need to remember what it is.

Jaune: It's the Meseket, the boat of the Sun; Doctor. So is everyone in?

Ozpin: Everyone's in Jaune.

Jaune: Good then Ozymandias let's head to Chaldea.

The Meseket leaves Beacon as they head towards the Emerald Forest. They looked to their right as they see Chaldea in front of them.

Blake: Wait? Was this here the entire time?

Jaune: Yup, we made sure not many people found this base. Some got the drop on us but they weren't able to break in.

As Jaune sneakily looks at Ironwood.

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