Chapter 15

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Merlin (Prototype): What do you mean it is a tie! Master clearly won!

Merlin: You're just being biased because Master is using your version of Arthur!

Merlin (Prototype): But everyone knows Arthur's Excalibur has higher stats compared to Artoria (Saber)'s Excalibur!

Merlin: Now you listen here!

The Two Merlins continue to argue as both Jaune who turned back to his normal form helped Arthur and Artoria (Saber) up as his friends surround him.

Ruby: That was so cool Jaune!!!

Pyrrha: That was amazing Jaune!!

Nora: You kicked butt fearless leader!!

Blake: So that's what a Servant vs. Servant is.

Ren: They're storng.

Fox: I know and Jaune has an army of them. They can easily wipe out the Grimm in Remnant.

Coco: No kidding, they could easily beat the top Huntsmen and Huntresses in Remnant.

Velvet: I'm excited to learn from them. Jaune told us the Servants would be training us.

Yatsu: I'm looking forward to it as well.

The Arc Family were speechless on the power that Jaune possessesed. While Adrian just cheered for his fa-I mean uncle.

Ozpin: That was an impressive display.

Oobleck: Indeed, no one should underestimate the power of a Servant.

Port: If they do, they'll end up on the ground before they realize it.

Glynda: I'm just worried on what hell they'll put the students through once they start teaching.

Ironwood just stares at the fights, he observes the power of the Servants and can tell they were all holding back only Pendragon and his Servant we're the only ones using their full power. He thinks, he realizes with this power they should've strike Salem by now. He needs to make a choice, if Ozpin and Pendragon would refuse to use the Servants to end this war. Then he would have no choice but to kidnap the Servants and hope they can acquire their blood sample to create a serum to use for their soldiers. He remembers what Ozpin said, he'll have to bring the entire Atlas Army for this. Unbeknowest to him, Gilgamesh (Caster) was eyeing him all this time. He needs to speak with Ozpin after this.

Jaune: Alright guys that enough.

As Jaune calms down the crowd he notices the Merlins still arguing. He has an idea, he calls Fou to deal with this. As out of nowhere a White cute furry creature jumped out of nowhere and attacked the two Merlins.

 As out of nowhere a White cute furry creature jumped out of nowhere and attacked the two Merlins

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And Fou hits the Two Merlins in the face as that happens Fou smells something and looks towards Ozpin.

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