Chapter 47

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After a very long explanation to his Family and Willow about how Jaune planned to revive them using the Relic of Creation and the Throne of Heroes, but in the end some random guy he just met gave him all the tools he needed to do it. He is now leading them to the Command Center to explain to Da Vinci and Sherlock that he was able to bring them back.

Jaune is thinking of an explanation when one of his sisters decided to talk with him.

Bianca: So Jaune, what happens now?

Jaune: Now, we head over to the Command Center and speak with Da Vinci and Sherlock. We need to run a few tests to see if everything is stable, we don't know the extent of your powers. It may be a situation where you end up as a Demi-Servant but the problem is some of the features of the Servants you fused with were added into your bodies.

Saphron: Yes I can tell.

Saphron looks at his skin as it's very pale and her now blonde hair has turned white.

As the Arc Sister and Willow reach the Command Center where they are met with Da Vinci (Rider)

Da Vinci (Rider): Oh Jaune and.....wait what's going on?! How is your Family alive?! We didn't do any tests for this! Don't tell me you went through the plan without us?!

Jaune: Easy there Da Vinci. Yes, I did go through with the plan, with a help from an unknown source though.

Da Vinci (Rider): And what was that source?

Jaune: It's very hard to explain, but our focus now is them.

As Jaune points at the now revived people.

Jaune: We need to see if their powers are stable and the Servant they fused with won't cause us anymore trouble like what happened with Mash and Galahad.

Da Vinci (Rider): I see, very well I'll run some tests and see what I can find. Head to the Cafeteria Jaune, the others are waiting for you.

Jaune: Why? What's going on?

Da Vinci (Rider): The Hassans were able to locate the location of Jacques Base, turns out that's where the tracker that we placed on Alister brought us to.

Jaune: So we plan to attack him?

Da Vinci (Rider): Yes. The others will brief you on the situation, now get to it Jaune. I'll deal with this problem you caused.

Jaune nods as he heads out of the Command Center before Willow stops him.

Willow: If you're planning to bring Jacques here alive, let me have a go at him. I want to teach him a lesson for getting me killed.

Jaune: Of course, I'll make sure of it.

As Jaune is now walking on the Hallway, wondering how will the guys react when they'll see that Jaune's Family and Willow are alive and well. On his way to the Cafeteria he sees the Summoning Room and decides to summon more Servants to prepare him when they head to where the Jackass is.

Inside the Summoning Room, Jaune does the usual as the Summoning Altar began doing it's work as Jaune sees the new Servant and he was very confused.

Jaune: 'The hell, why is Merlin (Prototype) being summoned again? What is this?'

Jaune: 'The hell, why is Merlin (Prototype) being summoned again? What is this?'

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