Chapter 20

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Ozpin, Glynda, and Qrow alongside the Servants have just arrived in Chaldea. It took a while, as they had to plan out how to bring Amber out without looking suspicious. They decided to place her in a storage container with one of the Servants inside, to give the illusion that the contents of the container are just supplies. Luckily no one suspected a thing, especially Ironwood. Speaking of Ironwood, after the Council forcibly made him leave the rest of his fleet. He opted to let his personal ship stay in Vale. Ozpin just sighs at this, he really hopes he doesn't do something drastic to Chaldea.

Ozpin, Glynda, and Qrow head to the Command Center in Chaldea alongside Sherlock and Da Vinci, to discuss about Roman Torchwick.

Qrow: So you guys were able to capture Torchwick?

Sherlock: Yes, as of right now, two of our Servants are interrogating him. We'll head over to the interrogation room once we're done here.

Qrow: Was Jimmy pissed when you guys caught him?

Da Vinci: Oh he was. He's angry that Atlas didn't do all the work and that we proved to him and the Council that Atlas shouldn't be here. Considering the White Fang stole all their tech.

Qrow: And Atlas claims their defensive systems are the best. Plain ole arrogance.

Ozpin: Shall we head to Torchwick, I wish to see if he's willing to talk.

Da Vinci: You wish to interrogate him as well?

Ozpin: All I wish to know is what is his plan with all that Dust. From the report you gave us, he has been stealing Dust from all around Vale.

Sherlock: We we're lucky we destroyed that White Fang Operation in Mt. Glenn.

Qrow: Wait you're telling me that giant crater in Mt. Glenn was you guys?

Da Vinci: Yes.

Sherlock: We are getting off topic here. Let us head to the interrogation room.

They all nod as they head to the interrogation room. On their way there, they passed by the training room and see the students of Beacon being trained by the Servants in hand to hand combat.

Qrow: Yo Oz, is this the training you were talking about?

Ozpin: Yes, we are teaching our students Magecraft. So far it has been proven to be a success.

Qrow: Does Ironwood know about this?

Ozpin: He knows of the existence of Magecraft but he dose the know that we are training the students.

Qrow: That's good. God knows what the Tin Man might do we he finds out about this.

Glynda: Knowing him nothing good.

They the arrived in the interrogation room and are met with two Servants

They the arrived in the interrogation room and are met with two Servants

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