Chapter 33

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The Aircraft is now headed to Menagerie in fast speeds as all the Teams and Servants are just lounging around.

Jaune: So after this you guys want me to treat to dinner?

Nobunaga: Of course Master after all besides EMIYA (Archer) and Beni-enma's cooking yours is also superior as well.

Suzuka: Indeed.

Tamamo: Yeah let's hoping we finish this and look around the kingdom. I wanna go sight seeing.

Okita: That's going to be a problem though, considering majority of the Faunus hate our kind.

Osakabehime: From what I researched about the place, there are barely any humans there, most likely we would get a hostile welcome when we arrived.

Sakamoto (Rider): From what I can conclude only a few of use can most likely walk around with no problem.

Watanabe: One of them would most likely be Tamamo or Kiyohime.

Kiyohime: If you want me to spy around the area, I will accept the task Master.

Jaune: You will Kiyohime and a couple of you guys as well. There are still remnants of Taurus's White Fang and we need to eliminate them.

Muramasa: So there would most likely be a fight.

Ryogi (Saber): Yes there would be, no telling what they would do once they see us.

Just then they hear a rustling in the aircraft as Jaune motions one of the Assassin Servants to check it out, Kotaro checks to see what is going on and came back with Sun.

Blake: Sun what are you doing here!?

Sun: Hey Blake, how's it hanging?

As Sun was pulled up by Kotaro and he brings him towards Jaune.

Jaune: How did you get in our ship Sun?

Murasaki: The boy most likely climbed aboard our ship when we took off. Question is how did he find us?

Nobunaga (Archer): Explain now.

As Nobunaga summons muskets and aims it at Sun.

Sun: Okay! Okay! Look I just saw your ship leaving and decided to hitch a ride that's all.

Nobunaga (Avenger): I call bullshit on that.

Suzuka: He most likely tagged along because of Blake.

Jaune: Yeah, you're right. I remember the highway incident. Is the rest of your team here?

Sun: No, they went back to Haven.

Jaune: (Sighs) Well we can't kick you out of the ship. Might as well join our group. Just behave or else.

Sun nods rapidly as he sees the Servants giving him a deathly glare.

Tawara: Master, we're nearing the destination.

Jaune: Blake you think you can talk to them so they won't shoot at us when we land.

Blake: Of course, once they see me, they'll let us through.

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