Chapter 23

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Merlin: Hello Ladies and Gentelmen and welcome to Chaldea's Dance Partner Competition!!!

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Merlin: Hello Ladies and Gentelmen and welcome to Chaldea's Dance Partner Competition!!!

Merlin (Prototype): Today 134 Girls shall compete for the prize of being Jaune Arc's partner for the Beacon Dance!

Merlin: We will start in 30 minutes, so can all contestants please proceed to the Center of the Stadium.

In the stands Ozpin and the staff of Beacon are watching the Competition in a VIP booth.

Glynda: Seriously Ozpin are we really doing this?

Ozpin: Yes Glynda we are.

Port: Yes it is a fine spectacle to see the Servants fight for their Master's heart.

Oobleck: Indeed.

Glynda just pinches the bridge of her nose in frustration. Qrow than comes in the booth alongside Gilgamesh (Caster) with a Wheelbarrow filled of Gold, jewelry, and cash.

Ozpin: Is this all of it?

Qrow: Yes it is.

Gilgamesh (Caster): We were able to get all the bets from the Servants. My Archer counterpart, Caesar and Ozymandias all put in the extra cash.

Glynda: Wait what is going?! And what is all of this?!

Ozpin: Easy Glynda, this is all the money we are going to win after this match.

Glynda: Wha-WHAT IS THIS OZPIN!?!?

Qrow: Well let's just say Oz over here and the Wizards all planned out this whole event in order to win money. They know there won't be one winner, in the end. The Pendragon kid will take all of these girls to the Dance and they bet on that. I joined in also to win some cash same goes for those two.

As he points at Port and Oobleck.

Oobleck: This is an excellent way to earn cash Glynda.

Port: We could use this for Beacon's budget and the other for our own personal needs.

Qrow: See. I don't want to see you begging us for cash once we win.

Glynda: And you are okay with him taking your niece to the dance?

Qrow: Glynda there's like a hundred girls there. The kid will barely have time to dance with Ruby. Plus those Servants would fight over who gets to dance with him, especially the crazy ones.

Glynda: (Sighs) So how much money did everyone bet?

Gilgamesh (Caster): So far from all of this money and around 5% of mine, my kid and Archer counterparts, Ceaser's money and 5% of Ozymandias wealth even Torchwick added in majority of his wealth that he "earned" in his life. We concluded that the total amount of money is around 100-300 billion Lien.

Glynda does a spit take at the amount of Lien. She thinks abit.

Glynda: I'll put in 30,000 Lien on all the Girls winning in the end.

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