Chapter 45

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In the outskirts of Vacou, the Roman Servants and the Hassans are hiding out in an abandoned Warehouse to discuss their plan.

Caesar: So were you able to find the location of the Crown's Base?

King Hassan: Yes, we tailed numerous members of The Crown and they lead us to an Underground Bunker located in the middle of the Wastelads in Vacou.

Hundred Persona: We can identity the location as it is near a CCT relay tower. Once we find that we'll find the location of the bunker.

Romulus-Quirinus: What is the enemy's strenght?

King Hassan: According to the information we have gathered from our interrogations. Majority of the Crown's army are mind controlled people that they have kidnapped.

Nero (Bride): And Da Vinci provided us with a device that can put those that are mind controlled to sleep so we can know who were the ones that didnt wish to serve The Crown willingly. UmU.

Caligula: Then the ones that did serve will die by our hands!

Spartacus: Yes, they will pay for their crimes by  my blade!

Caesar: And Jaune provided us with a Servant to act as backup incase things go bad for us.

Cursed Arm: Or we could use them to take out the stragglers.

Nero: Umu, and who is this Servant?

???: That would be me.

The Roman Servants and the Hassans all looked at the entrance of the Abandoned Warehouse as the Servant that Jaune sent has arrived.

Ivan: I take it, the attack has yet to begun?

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Ivan: I take it, the attack has yet to begun?

King Hassan: Yes, we are planning how we will strike their Base and prevent any of them from escaping.

Ivan: And what are our options?

As Caesar presented them a map that Da Vinci provided for them as there is a marker that pinpoints The Crown's Location.

Caesar: From the info we have gathered, the Bunker has 4 entrances, the Hassans will sneak through the entrance and ambush them when the device has been set, the Neros and I will head to the North, Caligula, Romulus and Spartacus in the east and Romulus-Quirinus in the West. As for you Ivan, you will stand guard and eliminate any Crown members you see.

Ivan: Understood.

King Hassan: And with the device activated those that are mind controlled will be spared and won't get caught in the crossfire.

Cursed Arm: Indeed, this is not their fight.

Nero: UmU, then let us commence the operation!

Everyone nods as they leave the warehouse and head to the Underground Bunker. King Hassan calls Da Vinci and informs them they are going to strike as a hologram of Da Vinci appears.

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