Chapter 27

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Jaune and the rest of the Beacon staff and students alongside Ironwood, Winter, and Qrow are all headed to Chaldea. Jaune already changed back to his normal form as they walk through the Emerald Forest.

Winter: Sir, why are we headed to the Emerald Forest?

Ironwood: This is where the base of the organization Chaldea is.

Winter: But why is it in the Emerald Forest?

Ironwood: All will be explained in due time.

As all of them reach the facility as they are now walking in the hallways.

Jaune: So Headmaster me and the others will head to the cafeteria to grab a bite, should I ask Sherlock to set you guys a private room?

Ozpin: That won't be necessary Mr. Pendragon. We will head to the cafeteria as well.

Jaune nods as all of them head towards the cafeteria where some Servants are there doing their usual routine. As usual Jaune and the students all went straight to the counter to get their food as Ozpin and his inner circle alongside Winter are seated in one table.

Ozpin: Ms. Schnee do you mind sitting with your sister for a while. We have important matters to discuss.

Winter nods as she heads to the table where her sister is.

Ozpin: James as of this moment, what I will tell you right now, you promise you will not attack them or else I will have them restrain you.

Ironwood looks back and sees Enkidu.

Ironwood: Fine Ozpin.

Ozpin: Good, Sherlock you can bring them out now.

As Ironwood looks and sees Sherlock alongside two new people that Ironwood dosent recognize.

Ironwood: Ozpin what is this?

Ozpin: These are two new Servants that Mr. Pendragon summoned the other day. This Man here is Ozma.

Ozma: Hello.

Ozpin: And this woman Salem.

Salem: Greetings.

The minute Ironwood heard the name Salem, well it wasnt a surpise but he freaked out, and everyone on the cafeteria is watching him.

Ironwood: Ozpin what is the meaning of this?! You have Salem here! She is the enemy!

Ozpin: Let it me make it clear to you Ironwood. She is not the Salem we know. She is a Salem from a different timeline, one where she never became the woman we know today.

Ruby: What's going on Jaune?

Jaune: Don't worry about it Ruby, you guys will be told of everything soon.

Glynda: James please calm down.

Ironwood: No I will not calm down! This woman right here is Salem, our enemy! We should arrest her and find a way to kill her!!

Sherlock: You will do no such thing Ironwood. Salem is a Servant of Chaldea, she is not our enemy and her alliegance is to her Master, Jaune Pendragon.

Qrow gestures to Enkidu to be ready to restrain him, he has a feeling Jimmy would do something stupid.

Ironwood: You're all fools! If you're not going to be the one to do this then I will!!

As Ironwood is about to reach for his gun, a bunch of portals appear and chains fly out and begin restraining Ironwood.

Winter: General!

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