Chapter 22

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A few hours ago, Teams RWBY, NP, and CV are in the cafeteria in Chaldea and are eating breakfast. It's the usual, as they are still doing their regular Magecraft sessions except for Weiss and Yang, they're just there since they have nothing to do. They usually dorm in Chaldea to avoid anyone from following them. Which almost happened, when Team RWBY was walking to Chaldea they were followed by Sun and Neptune. Luckily one of the Assassins found them, there was a big scuffle when they were found. Team RWBY wanted an explanation mostly Blake on why Sun and Neptune were following them. All he said was he was curious why they kept walking to the Emerald Forest. Luckily Cursed Arm led them back to Beacon.

The students are eating peacefully when Merlin, Merlin (Prototype), and Irisviel burst into the cafeteria.

Merlin: Hello students of Beacon!

They all looked towards the two Merlins and Irisviel.

Pyrrha: Oh hello Merlin.

Blake: This isn't good.

Velvet: Please don't tell me you are going to invite us on one of your shenanigans.

Coco: Yeah! Cause the last time that happened, Goodwitch caught us and we got a hell of a scolding from her!

Merlin: Why, I would never.

Merlin (Prototype): Anyway, we came here to give you this.

As Merlin (Prototype) is holding a flyer.

Ruby: What is that?

Irisviel: Well as you know Ozpin told us the Beacon Dance is coming up and we decided to host an event.

Blake: Event?

For some reason Blake had an eerie feeling that this will not end well.

Irisviel: Yes with Ozpin's help we are setting up a competition for all the Female Servants to fight to be Jaune's Partner in the Dance. Isn't that great!

Ruby, Pyrrha and Velvet's eyes lit up on the thought of being Jaune's partner. Coco, Weiss, and Blake were dumbfounded by this. While Yang had no words for this.

Weiss: Wait are you serious?! Are we really hosting a competition just so someone can be Pendragon's dance partner?!

Weiss doesn't call Jaune dolt anymore as the Servants don't like that name and if they hear that Weiss is calling him that she is going to a get hurt a lot.

Irisviel: Why yes, I consider Jaune as a son of mine and I want to see him dance with a beautiful girl. It's like a mother seeing their child grow it makes me cry.

Merlin: Same goes for me. Ah, I'm so jealous of him.

Merlin (Prototype): And I am Jaune's Onee-sama just like I am with Arthur and I will do anything in my power to get him in a relationship, he's very dense at times and I intend to remove it.

Irisviel: Well if you girls are interested you can sign up here. We already have a few of the Servants already signed up.

As the students look at the list. They were gobsmacked on how many Servants joined this competition.

Coco: Damn, that's a lot of girls!

Weiss: Is Jaune really popular with the female Servants? What do they even see in him?

Weiss whispers.

Blake: I don't think we should sign up. This seems like a very bad idea-WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!

As Blake sees Ruby, Pyrrha, and Velvet signing their names on the list.

Irisviel: What they are doing Blake is claiming their man. They will have to fight the girls to win his heart. You should do the same as well, here let me write your name.

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