Chapter 2

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Ozpin is looking at the window in his office as he felt a strange aura of magic. He'll have Qrow investigate it, as he heads back to his desk and continue looking at the reports about Jaune's disappearance.

After his disappearance, Ozpin decided to show the footage of Jaune saving Cardin from the Ursai. The reactions of the students were they felt guilty for hurting Jaune and wanted to apologise to him, but Ozpin stated that Jaune disappeared and they're still searching for him. Team RB and NPR were upset that Jaune disappears and offered to find him, while Weiss and Yang didn't care. His replacement Alister, shouted that him saving Cardin meant nothing, but Ozpin showed everyone footage of Alister leaving a bunch of people to Grimm claiming he is strong and that he didn't want to die and left them to die saying no one will ever know as he stabs them in the leg preventing them from escaping. Another incident of him murdering students and robbing villages. Everyone was angry and furious at Alister, he just claimed that all of them are weak and that he was the strongest as he was an Arc. Ozpin already sent the footage to the Council and we're about to arrest him, but Jaune's father tried to make a horrible speech about him being influenced by the Grimm and that he was forced to do it. The council didn't buy that bullshit. They concluded that if he does that again he would be expelled and banned from any Huntsman Academy. Alister, was given detention everyday and community service. He was kicked out of Team NPR and Pyrrha was made leader. In the end Jaune's replacement was useless and weak despite the father claiming he is the perfect Arc.


Jaune begins waking up he realises he isn't in the cafeteria anymore but in the Infirmary.

Jaune: 'Shit I hope Florence didn't do anything to me when I passed out. I do not want my hands to be mutilated.'

His thoughts were interrupted when Nightingale arrived to check up on him.

Nightingale: Jaune, are you alright! You fainted in the cafeteria. Have you not eaten, have you not be sleeping? I told you numerous times to rest after your training sessions

Jaune: No, no, no, no it's fine Florence. It's just I was shocked when Da Vinci showed me the footage.

Nightingale: Yes, I remember that, a lot of us were confused why you were shocked when you saw that.

Jaune: Florence do you mind calling all the Servants I need to make an announcement.

Nightingale nods as Jaune left towards the Cafeteria. On his way there he was stopped by one of his Servants.

Cu (Lancer): Yo, kid.

Jaune looks to his left and sees Cu (Lancer), Cu (Prototype) and, Cu (Caster).

Jaune: Hello Cu, I'm in a hurry right now. I had Nightingale call all Servants to the cafeteria, I needed to make an announcement.

Cu (Lancer): Oh, sure kid. We're already headed to the Cafeteria anyway. So let's go.

All four of them headed towards the Cafeteria where they are greeted by all of the Servants.

Artoria (Saber): Jaune are you okay! We heard what happened in the Cafeteria.

Jeanne (Alter): Yeah we heard you fainted when you saw the footage Da Vinci showed you.

Artoria (Alter): Yeah and I was going to give her a piece of mind for causing that!

Jaune: Well that is the reason why I called all of you here. The reason why I was shocked when I saw that was because that's my home.

Mash: You mean Remnant Senpai?

Jaune: Yup, the place where I was betrayed and now I'm back.

Cu (Lancer): So now you're back home Master, what do you want us to do? Beat up those that tormented you? Cause I'm up for that.

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