Chapter 7

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Jaune/Yan Qing drops down from the ship as he observes all the Servants doing work on the Grimm.

He sees Cu and Fergus engaging a bunch of Grimm using their weapons in the main area. Fionna and Diarmuid are at cliff sides. Atalanta is perched around in the trees, the same goes for Robin. Ushiwakamaru is dealing with the Grimm in the Street and Scathach is engaging the high level Grimm. He sees his team, Mash is dealing with the Grimm by bashing their heads and decapitating them with her shield. While Arthur and Jeanne and dealing Sword strikes at the Grimm.

Yan Qing: 'Come on Master, we can't let them have all the fun.'

Jaune: 'Yup, I'll activate my Semblance and bring all the Grimm here.'

Jaune activates his Semblance and his entire body glows with Aura as they see hordes of Grimm headed their way.

Jaune/Yan Qing: Show time.

As Jaune/Yan Qing charges as the Grimm as they deliver punches that disintegrate the Grimm in one hit. He continues a flurry of punches at each Grimm. He even punched one so hard it pushed the Grimm back as it went flying and hit a group of Grimm. The impact was strong it disintegrated them all.

Jaune: 'Everyone I need a report on the Grimm'

Cu: 'It's all good here Master, me and Fergus over here are headed to another area.'

Fergus: 'Yes Master, there are more Grimm there, we'll head back once we finish them off.'

Fionna: 'I'll continue eliminating Grimm in the cliffs'

Diarmuid: 'Same goes for me Master, it seems there's more activity here then there is in the City. Fionna and I will continue scouting out the area'

Scathach: 'I'll join them as well. I'm done here, the Grimm in this area has all been eliminated.'

Ushiwakamaru: 'There still some Grimm in my area, I'll continue mopping them up.'

Atalanta: 'I'll continue eliminating Grimm in this postion. I'm at a good vantage point and can eliminate any Grimm you guys miss'

Robin: 'Same goes for me'

Mash: 'Senpai, it's all clear here.'

Jeanne: 'Same here as well Jaune, do you want us to regroup?'

Arthur: 'I think its best if we remain in our respective postions for now. We can not allowed to leave any Grimm left'

Jaune: 'Good, I'll continue luring all the Grimm to our location. We need to make sure every scrap of Grimm in Mt. Glenn is gone'

Everyone: 'Understood/You got it/Yes Master.'

Jaune/Yan Qing proceed to attract tbe Grimm using all their Aura as they see more and more Grimm coming their way. Cu and Fergus see the Grimm and charge at it using their weapons. Scathach then proceeds to slice her way through the Grimm as she is in the middle of it all and continues decimating the Grimm. Atalanta and Robin continue to provide cover from their positions as they release arrow after arrow. Jaune joins alongside his Team as they attack the Grimm with Mash supporting Jaune/Yan Qing as he uses her shield to boost himself towards the Grimm and delivering heavy punches, while Arthur and Jeanne join Ushiwakamaru as they eliminate the Grimm.

Oobleck and Team CFVY are just watching the scene dumbfounded that Jaune and his Summons are not quitting and look like they're having fun.

Coco: So what was the point of us being here?

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