Chapter 29

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In Chaldea all of the students are in the cafeteria as requested by the Headmaster. While Ozpin, Glynda, Qrow, Oobleck, and Port are in the Control Center of Chaldea. They were waiting there as Jaune, Da Vinci, Merlin, Sherlock, Gilgamesh (Caster) arrived.

Ozpin: So they're coming?

Merlin: Yes, BB has just informed us that Adam Taurus has gathered all the White Fang in Vale and Cinder has an army of Grimm as well.

Sherlock: Looks like Salem provided her with the resources to attack us.

Qrow: So what's the plan?

Ozpin: Me and Sherlock have already informed the Council and have set up an evacuation zone in Beacon.

Qrow: And what about Jimmy?

Ozpin: His forces will not interfere as Chaldea has got this covered.

Merlin: Yes, we are capable of dealing with this threat. This is merely child's play compared to what we faced in the Singularities and Lostbelts.

Gilgamesh (Caster): Indeed, but Ozpin what do we do if Ironwood tries to interfere or worse.

Ozpin; The council and I will make sure he gets repercussions.

Gilgamesh (Caster): Good it saves us from killing him and his army.

Glynda: Please don't.

Qrow: Anyway, what's their location anyway?

Da Vinci: According to the tracker we placed in her scroll, she would be in Vale around the night.

Sherlock: So we best be prepared. We'll have the Casters place a mind control spell to lead the citizens to the evacuation centres.

Glynda: I don't think that's a good idea.

Gilgamesh (Caster): It's better than announcing an attack headed their way. Who knows which Mongrel will panic like an idiot.

Oobleck: And the students?

Sherlock: You and Port would oversee that, we want you to lead all the students to Beacon to make sure none of them do any heroic acts. Goodwitch, Qrow, and Ozpin would do the same.

Qrow: And Amber?

Ozpin: Will remain here for the time being, they don't know that she's here. They still think she is in Beacon.

Jaune: Headmaster I think it's best if we tell the guys the truth.

Da Vinci: Jaune is right, they need to know. If they are going to continue this fight. They have the power to stop Salem's forces it's best we do the same.

Ozpin: I understand, Jaune do you mind calling them here.

Jaune: Of course.

As Jaune leaves to head to the cafeteria.

Ozpin: Should we let Ozma and Salem (Caster) join the fight?

Sherlock: As of now no, we have something in store for the two of them. Don't worry about it Ozpin.

Just then Jaune and the rest of the students arrive.

Jaune: Here they are Headmaster.

Ruby: Headmaster what's going on?

Ozpin: Well Ms. Rose, tell me what is your favourite Fairy Tale.


Ozpin: Sherlock how goes the situation in the Evacuation Centers?

Sherlock: All citizens are accounted for, we will close the doors soon.

Ozpin: Oobleck, Port?

Oobleck: We are still gathering the students, Glynda is making sure none of them go off on their own.

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