Chapter 34

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Jaune: 'Everyone keep your guard up, the minute any of them attack you have permission to engage'

Nobunaga (Archer): 'Question is who's gonna destroy them'

Kintoki (Berserker): 'I call dibs!'

Hijikata: 'Hey come on Kintoki let the rest of us have fun!'

Hozoin: 'Yeah!'

Suzuka: 'Ugh, I'll be the one to do it, after all my Noble Phantasm could easily destory them'

Tomoe: 'Or the entirety of Menagerie'

Suzuka: 'Why you!'

Jaune just let the Japanese Servants bicker as the two Faunus entered the household.

Corsac: Greetings Sir and Madam Belladonna.

Ghira: What business do you have with us?

Corsac: We wish to speak with you about the current actions of the White Fang.

Jaune: Or really now like how the White Fang have been committing many atrocious crimes.

Blake: Or the attack in Vale?

Fennec: Ah Ms. Blake you've returned and brough humans to our land, especially a Schnee.

Blake: We know what happening around here, about what the White Fang is truly doing. Sienna wouldnt agree with this.

Ghira: She is right, we have evidence about the White Fang's crimes. Majority of them were led by Adam Taurus who is now deceased.

Corsac: Adam Taurus is dead?

Jaune: Yes as well as the entire Vale Branch of the White Fang, their attack on Vale was an act of terror. We retaliated and eliminated them all.

Fennec: I see and are you presenting this evidence to Sienna Khan.

Ghira: Yes, we are meeting with her after this.

The two Brothers look at each other, they need to think of another plan to get rid of them.

Jaune: 'They're planning something'

Okita: 'Just by their body language it is quite obvious they are here to kill them'

Kotaro: 'Should we deal with them Jaune?'

Jaune: 'Not yet, have a group of Servants watch over them'

Kotaro: 'On it'

Fennec: I see, we will be taking our leave now Sir Belladonna. We will inform Sienna Khan about this meeting.

Ghira: That won't be necessary we are on are just leaving.

The Two Brothers nod as they leave the household.

Kiyohime: 'Jaune, I came back from patrolling the area'

Jaune: 'What did you find?'

Kiyohime: 'Numerous White Fang groups are all gathered up in a bunch of Houses, looks like they're planning to attack'

Jaune: 'I see, I'll inform the others, keep watch and inform me if anything happens'

Kiyohime: 'Of course Jaune'

Jaune the speaks to his friends about the situation.

Pyrrha: So the rest of the White Fang are plotting another strike?

Jaune: Yes, the question is where? Kiyohime is already keeping tabs on them.

Blake: Knowing them, they would most likely attack my parents.

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