Chapter 1

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It's been a year since Jaune joined Chaldea, he was confused at first about what the organisation does. But when he found out the organisation's main goal is to save humanity from extinction, Jaune accepted immediately. He joined and was one of the few candidates to become Chaldea's Master, he was one of the top picks due to his Aura as it was foreign to them and they wanted to know it's capabilities. During their study Jaune unlocked his Semblance Aura Amplification. They continue making tests with his Aura and Semblance with Mana and we're able to make Jaune have more Mana compared to the other candidates.

But tragedy happened and Chaldea was bombed ending up with majority of the candidates critically injured with only Jaune remaining. In the end he became Chaldea's Last Master. Jaune ended up dealing with all the Singularities and defeated Goetia. He also dealt with the Lostbelts as well. Jaune was able to accomplish many achievements during his time in Chaldea. During his time he continued training himself, as he didn't want to look weak and useless. He asked many servants for help in training, Jaune was motivated, hardworking, and kept pushing himself to greater heights. Which earned the respect and loyalty of his servants.

Jaune considers his servants as his family as he bonded and fought alongside all of them in the Singularities and earned their trust and loyalty. He even earned the trust of Gilgamesh Archer, because he saw the fire of his eyes and told him his reason for doing this. Jaune told him about his betrayal and how he would get them back. Gilgamesh laughed and said that he would be glad to give him the assistance on showing those Mongrels the power of the King of Heroes. When many servants heard about his past they all wanted to help him and some servants wanted to join on the beat down they're going to give to his tormentors.

During one of their training sessions, Jaune felt a strange power in him and decided to figure what it is. He went and talked with Da Vinci and asked her to see what this is. They did and she speculated it is similar to the class cards. They went and tested it out in the training room.


Da Vinci: Alright Jaune are you ready?

Da Vinci is watching in the sidelines alongside Edison, Tesla, and Babbage as they are going to record any data and information that transpires in this test

Jaune: Yes, Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: Is everyone ready?

Edison: Yes Da Vinci, we'll monitor Master's Mana levels to see if anything spikes.

Jaune nods as he calls out his servant who's standing right in front of him.

Jaune: Alright let's do this. Jeanne d'Arc lend me your power!

A bright light appears as Jeanne disappears in a ball of light and heads towards to Jaune as it reaches him the light became brighter as it dims Jaune is replaced with Jeanne.

A bright light appears as Jeanne disappears in a ball of light and heads towards to Jaune as it reaches him the light became brighter as it dims Jaune is replaced with Jeanne

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Tesla: Where's Master?

Da Vinci: Master are you still there?

Jaune/Jeanne: Yes I am/he is.

Da Vinci: Hmmmm, this is interesting it seems that the Class Cards power didn't merge with Master but instead replaced his body with the Servant he calls. Edison has Master's Mana levels changed at all?

Edison: Yes, both Master's and Jeanne's Mana Levels have increased.

Babbage: And due to Master's Semblance as he calls it, increasing his Aura and now Mana. It combined with Jeanne's body and essentially increased her Mana levels.

Da Vinci: Master do you feel any changes once merging with Jeanne?

Jaune/Jeanne: No, in fact both me and Jeanne can both coordinate with each other. I can feel like our movements are balanced. I can use her body to speak and move it freely, Jeanne can also do the same. It's true, Master and I can essentially be connected as he uses my power.

Tesla: Master do you feel exhausted at all?

Jaune/Jeanne: No, actually I feel fine, I don't know what the limit of this is but I'm curious to find out.

Da Vinci: Interesting, alright Master. We'll see what you limits of this new power is. I'll have Babbage call a bunch of Servants here.

Flashback Ends

After that they concluded that Jaune's limit for his new powers were only up to 9 Servants after that he would pass out from exhaustion.

It's been a couple of months since that incident of Jaune testing his new powers. Everyday he would test his limit with those powers and train himself everyday. Jaune is now in the cafeteria of Chaldea sitting beside his Servants, he is friends with every Servant he summoned even the ones that have colourful personalities. But the Servants he is really close with are Edmond, Karna, Arjuna, Enkidu, Gilgamesh (Caster), Merlin, Ozymandias, and Diarmuid. There was even a point in time where they named him the twin brother of Arthur Pendragon Prototype, because when Arthur was first summoned the Servants would get confused by him and Jaune. So they decided to name him Jaune Pendragon, since they know that he was disowned.

There was also another incident where the Japanese Servants named Jaune an honorary member of their group, which caused a fight from the French Servants and the Knights of the Round Table. Because for the French, Jaune is literally based of Jeanne and for the knights is because the Servants named him the twin brother of King Arthur who is their king. They ended up destroying the cafeteria and in the end concluded that Jaune is a member of all 3 groups which all they were satisfied. Another one was Jaune's cooking skills which led to all the Servants who are the chefs mainly Archer to challenge him to a cook off to prove who's the best. Jaune ended up winning.

While in the cafeteria Jaune prep up a dish for his table and served it to them and as usual they all enjoyed his cooking.

Karna: Till now your cooking is still amazing Jaune.

Ozymandias: Yes, a meal fitting for a king.

Merlin: Yes, that's true. I'm glad that you were able to tame the lions during Lunch. EMIYA (Archer) was glad for the help you know.

Jaune: Eh well if you have 7 sisters. They would you teach you a lot of things to be the perfect house husband.

Diarmuid: 7 sisters huh, I remember you showed us a pic of your family from your scroll. If you would replace your sisters with any one of the Sabers, no one can tell the difference.

Gilgamesh (Caster): Knowing my Archer counterpart, he would mistake your sisters as Artoria.

Jaune: Yup, anyway-

Before Jaune could speak a tremor was heard all around the base.

Arjuna: What was that?

Merlin: I have a feeling it is one of Da Vinci's experiments gone wrong.

Gilgamesh (Caster): Probably, that woman is crazy.

And speak of the devil Da Vinci appears in the Cafeteria in a panic and out of breathe.

Da Vinci: Everyone we have a situation! We seem to have been transported to another location.

Jaune: What?! How?!

Da Vinci: I don't know Master, but I think you need to see this.

Da Vinci shows Jaune camera footage of the outside and once he took a good look at it. His face turns pale and he collapsed.

Everyone: MASTER!!!!

Author's Notes:
- Which Servants do you think can easily defeat Salem?

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