Chapter 35

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Haven: 4 Hours Ago.

The Aircraft has just landed in Haven Academy as Qrow, Team CFVY, and the French Servants got out of the aircraft and head to Lionheart's office.

Qrow: So we all know the plan?

Jeanne: Yes, we confront Lionheart about working with Salem, Da Vanci created this lie detector cube. We can use it when we interrogate him.

Napoleon: That's good hopefully this interrogation will be short.

Edmond: Let's hope so, or else we'll try other methods.

Just then they got a call from Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: Qrow, Jeanne we have a big problem.

Jeanne: Why what's going on?

Da Vinci: Everyone on Remnant knows.

Astolfo: Knows about what?

Da Vinci: Everything about us. You can guess who spilled.

Qrow: Ironwood, this is bad. Have you informed Ozpin?

Da Vinci: I have and he is not happy, we sent a message to all Servants to be on high alert. Who knows what group will come to Chaldea. Ozpin gave us full authority to eliminate anyone we deemed a threat. We have Moriarty and Torchwick helping out in information and they informed us it spread all over Remnant.

Qrow: This is bad, really bad. Have you guys found any info about a Bandit Tribe in Anima?

Da Vinci: We have, why?

Qrow: My sister is the leader of that Bandit Tribe and Yang's mother. Once she finds out about this she'll head to Beacon and try finding any info about you or worse try to kidnap you for her Tribe. You need to send a Team to deal with her and make sure you bring her back alive.

Da Vinci: I understand, I'll send a Team to deal with them, just send me the location of the Tribe.

Qrow: On it.

As Qrow sends the coordinates of the Tribe.

Da Vinci: Cooridantes recieved. We'll contact you Qrow once we capture her.

Qrow: Good.

As the call ends, Qrow just sighs.

Coco: This is bad, now that Atlas knows about Chaldea, there's no telling what they will do.

Fox: Or worse what Jacques Schnee could do.

Jeanne (Alter): They can try, all they're getting is a trip to the pits of hell.

Gilles (Caster): Indeed, if they try anything they shall be annihialted.

Qrow: Let's head to Lionheart, there's no telling what that cowardly lion spilled to Salem.


In the forests of Anima, a Bandit Tribe is situated deep in the Forest as multiple Bandits prepare supplies for their next raid.

Raven: Is everything set?

Vernal: Yes, we have all the supplies we need to send a group to Vale.

Raven: Good, from the info we learned of, I want to know what Ozpin is hiding as well as this Chaldea. The News about these Servants and Magecraft intrigues me. This power will be beneficial for the Tribe. Vernal we leave in an hour, prepare the men.

Vernal: Yes Raven.

As Vernal leaves, Raven looks at the info she got from the announcement that Ironwood said about Chaldea. She then hears a sound outside.

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