Chapter 8

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After the success of Mt. Glenn. Jaune and his team were dropped off in Beacon alongside Ozpin, Oobleck, and Team CFVY. They are met with Teams RWBY and PNR waiting for them.

Jaune: Oh guys, I didnt expect you to wait for me. Who told you I was coming back?

Pyrrha: Miss Goodwitch informed us you went to Mt. Glenn, so I take it that explosion was you?

Jaune: Well in a way it was me, but it was all her.

As Jaune just points at Drake.

Pyrrha: Is she one of your summons Jaune?

Jaune: Yup.

Nora: Wait so if she's your summon, how was she able to summon a Pirate Ship?!

Jaune: Well let's just say some Summons can summon their own vehicles or how they call it Mounts.

Scathach: Jaune.

Jaune looks towards Scathach and a couple other Servants.

Scathach: We'll be leaving, I expect our regular sparring session once you head back. Understood.

Jaune: Of course Shishou.

Cu: See you later kid!

Diarmuid: See you later Jaune, I'll be ready if you want another sparring session.

Fergus: Yes, it was a good fight. Remember to summon me for another.

Ushiwakamaru: Same goes for me.

Fionna: Jaune.

Cursed Arm: I shall see you again Jaune back in Chaldea

Atalanta: I'll see you back at Chaldea Jaune

Robin: Catch you later Jaune.

Drake: See you later, Jaune. Remember you still owe me a date.

Pyrrha: Date?????!!

Coco: Hohohoho, is she one of your harem girls lover boy.

Pyrrha: Harem??!!

Jaune: Don't worry about it. 'Damn you Harem EX skill'

Arthur: 'What can you do Jaune, just ignore it. You can't escape them'

Jaune: 'Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny Arthur'

All the Servants went into Drake's ships as they left Beacon and headed back to Chaldea.

Ruby: So Jaune, do you want to explain how you did that explosion we saw?!

Coco: Well we were there when Pendragon over here told the Pirate Lady to do her what do you call it? Noble something?

Jaune: It's called a Noble Phantasm. It's my Summons trump Card. I won't reveal any of the other Servants NPs. I mean you saw two during Combat Class.

Blake: Right, the Man with the two spears and the girl.

Jaune: Yup. Oh, and their names are Diarmuid and Fran fyi.

Ren: Anyways Jaune, why did Ozpin want you to join him in Mt. Glenn and why did it involve your Summons?

Jaune: I'm just going to say my Servants are very powerful. But I'll tell you all the truth about them in due time. I just don't trust them.

As he points at Weiss and Yang

Weiss: What do you mean us?!!

Yang: Yeah!!

Jaune: Let's just say I don't trust the fact you might you use my Summons for your own personal gain. Also didn't you call my summons weak Xiao Long, if I remember all of them kicked your sorry ass. Plus my Ser-Summons are more powerful than your Schnee Semblance. Considering from what I know about you. You can't summon and I was able to do it with ease.

Weiss just closes her fist in anger as she looked towards Jaune with a hateful glare.

Yang eyes turned Red as she went to punch Jaune but was blocked when Mash brought her shield towards Yang. She then bashed Yang's face with the shield as she went flying in the courtyard.

Ruby: Woah!!!

Coco: Holy shit! That looked like it hurt!!

Velvet: I literally felt that just by watching it

Nora: I knew that shield could kick ass!!

Blake: Should we check if she's okay?

Arthur: I think It's best if we leave her, let her learn from her mistakes. Anyway, I think we should call it a day. Me and my Team will head back to the dorms to get some rest.

Pyrrha: Okay we'll see you later Jaune.

Coco: And Pendragon you better tell us soon. About your whole summon thing you have and also about your Harem.

Jaune: Of course Coco and absolutely not on the Harem thing.

Jaune and his Team head back to their dorm. Aa they enter Merlin is waiting for them.

Merlin: Ah Jaune, so good to see that your little adventure was a success.

Jaune: Yes Merlin, we were able to stop a White Fang operation. Hopefully we stopped something big.

Merlin: You actually did Jaune. But that's a discussion for another time. Now, me and Da Vinci were able to create a doorway back to Chaldea. I know you're back in Beacon, but knowing you. You rather stay with your family, am I correct Jaune?

Jaune: Yes you are Merlin.

Merlin: Excellent now come on, let's head back to Chaldea. You still have your usual training sessions with the other Servants. Oh and Jaune, me and Gilgamesh (Caster) wish to speak with you.

Jaune nods and groans at the fact he just got back from clearing out Grimm and now he has more training sessions as they head towards the door and into Chaldea.


Jaune is now in a room with Merlin and Gilgamesh (Caster)

Jaune: So he's coming and he has an army?

Merlin: Yes, me and Gilgamesh forseen it, and he's headed to Beacon with the full intent of killing you Jaune as well as the students.

Gilgamesh (Caster): The Mongrel can try.

Jaune: So we need to think of a plan to deal with him. Have you told Ozpin about this Merlin?

Merlin: No, as of now we wait. But you need to be ready Jaune.

Gilgamesh (Caster): The Mongrel has already something planned the minute he reaches Beacon and you know it Jaune.

Jaune just thinks about what Gilgamesh said and his eyes widens.

Gilgamesh (Caster): I see you have figured it out Jaune.

Jaune: I'll go find Mash and the rest. We need to show that man what it means when you mess with us.

Meanwhile in an unknown location

???: Is everything ready?

Merc: Yes sir Nicolas, the preparations for the operation are ready.

Nicolas: How many men have we acquired?

Merc: around 1000 men, we scoured across Remnant majority of them are Mercenaries, Bandits, Bounty Hunters, and Rogue Huntsmen.

Nicolas: Good, good. Have them be ready once we leave for Beacon tomorrow. Was Alister able to get them?

Merc: Yes sir, we have them in the van.

Nicolas: Good. You may go.

The mercenary nods as he left the room. As Nicolas looks at the window.

Nicolas: Let's see how strong you really are Jaune. I will take everything you love and there's nothing that's going to stop me.

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