Chapter 19

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With the arrest of Torchwick, word got out of the attack at the warehouse. The people of Vale praised the organisation, Chaldea. For their efforts of capturing a notorious criminal in Vale. Ozpin and Sherlock informed the Council that Torchwick would be in their custody and not Atlas. They also reported to them about the stolen Atlas tech. With this new information the Council requested majority of Ironwood's fleet to leave Vale. He refused at first, but the Council stated that Chaldea is in charge of protecting Vale not Atlas. He reluctantly followed.

In Chaldea Ozpin and Sherlock are discussing matters regarding the students training in Magecraft and plans regarding Salem.

Ozpin: So I take it the training for the Students in Magecraft is going well?

Sherlock: Yes, Ozpin it is. We had them spar against each other and see how well they fit against one another. I recall from Da Vinci, the match between Ms. Nikos and Ms. Valkyrie was very chaotic.


In the arena Pyrrha and Nora are in training outfits as they get ready for the match.

Da Vinci: Alright you two, first one to get knock out wins.

Jaune: This is going to be good. Hey Ren, want to bet on who do you think is going to win? I bet on Nora beating the shit out of Pyrrha.

Ren: I rather not.

Coco: I will! My bet is on Pyrrha!

Velvet: Same goes for me.

Fox: I'm going with Pyrrha

Yatsu: Pyrrha.

Ruby/Blake: Pyrrha

Jaune: Well good luck losing your money.

Weiss and Yang just watch in the sidelines upset by the fact they can't train or in a sense not allowed to.

Da Vinci: And begin!

Both of them activate their Magic Circuits as Pyrrha charged at Nora with the ground behind her breaking as Nora blocks the strike with the impact causing a shockwave. Nora then grabs Pyrrha's legs as she throws her to the wall. She was able to stabalize herself as she boosts herself from the wall and tries to punch Nora, but misses. Nora grabs her and body slams her in the floor, creating a crater. She then threw her and kicked her as it caused a shockwave. Both of them continue trading punches with Pyrrha getting perfect hits on Nora, but she takes it all as she smirks. She then grabs Pyrrha and knees her in the stomach and kicks her as she punches her continuously. She then grab her body again and runs as she jumps high in the air and elbows her straight to the ground. The ground had a massive crater as Pyrrha was knocked out.

Da Vinci: And Nora Valkyrie wins!

Nora: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I have the power! Fear me you Mongrels! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Jaune: Nora has been hanging out with Gilgamesh (Archer) for far too long.

Flashback Ends

Sherlock: So yes it was an incredible match.

Ozpin: So the students are on par with Ms. Nikos, knowing her reputation as the Mistral Champion she was known never to lose a match.

Sherlock: Anyways, Ozpin has Ironwood made plans of trying to steal any information regarding Magecraft or Servants?

Ozpin: As of right now no, Glynda is keeping an eye on him and he's trying his best to hide his expressions. We would easily know what he has planned.

Sherlock: I see, and what of your other agent? Is he coming back here?

Ozpin: Yes, I have already informed Qrow Branwen to return to Beacon. By the end of the day he will arrive.

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