Chapter 49

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Ozpin alongside Teams RWBY and PNR as well as all the other Servants all head to where Karl, Darius III, and Lu Bu are as they are met with a sight they didn't expect.

It was a massive horde of Grimm, it was the same as the one they have encountered in Mantle, only difference is that this horde is 10 times large and Ozpin can see from the corner of his eye is Salem in a makeshift throne.

Ozpin: What is she doing, she knows that Jaune and the rest of Chaldea aren't here.

Karl: Indeed, I also noticed that Cinder is missing.

And on cue Ozpin receives a transmission from Chaldea as he answers it as a screen appears and it shows Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: Ozpin, what's the status on your situation?

Ozpin: We've secured the Atlas facility and have taken care of Ironwood, but we have encountered a problem.

Amakusa: Turns out a giant horde of Grimm suddenly appeared and Salem is here as well.

Da Vinci: I see, the same goes for us as well. A horde of Grimm is a massing outside of Vale and Cinder is leading the charge and it appears Alister is joining her as well.

Ozpin: I see, and has Jaune returned back to Chaldea?

Da Vinci: Yes he has, and has brought Jacques back as well. He's being dealt with by a old friend of his right about now.

Ozpin: I rather not question about that, but will you send reinforcements here?

Da Vinci: Yes we will, they should be arriving in a matter of minutes. We'll deal with the Grimm and Cinder, don't you worry.

As the transmission ends as they look towards the horde.

Karl: Darius, Lu Bu deal with the first wave of the horde. Once the reinforcements arrive, they'll deal with them while we push through towards Salem.

As Lu Bu and Darius III roar as they head to a ridge that overlooks the Horde, there they prepare their Noble Phantasm.

Salem sees this and orders all the Grimm to charge at them.

Salem: Let's see them stop this.

As Salem hopes that their attack won't be as affected as the last time she faced a Servant.

Lu Bu transforms his Lance to a bow as he prepares the arrow and take aim. The arrow began charging up with energy as an Orb forms at the tip of the arrow. As he fires as a huge beam heads straight for the Grimm

Darius III summons his army as they are comprised of skeletons, while Darius sits on a giant elephant, he then commands his army to charge at the Grimm.

Darius: MuuuOOOH!!

The army charges towards the Horde of Grimm as the arrow from Lu Bu hits the Horde, dead center as they all get disintegrated into as the skeleton army came and took out the stragglers as the entire first wave of Grimm was reduced to ashes.

The Heroes all look at the aftermath as Ozpin had one thing to say.

Ozpin: That was easy.

Salem just stood there speechless, again these Servants we're more poweful than her. This time she sent in more Grimm to deal with them.

As another Horde of Grimm charges forward.

Amakusa: Great, another set of Grimm heading to their deaths. Does she ever give up Ozpin?

Ozpin: No, she dosent.

Karl: Amakusa have our reinforcements arrive?

???: Yes they have.

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