Chapter 25

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It's the day after the dance and Ozpin is in Chaldea alongside Glynda and Qrow. They are discussing the events of the CTTS. With them is Sherlock Holmes and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Ozpin: So Cinder was able to hack the CTTS?

Sherlock: She thinks she did, BB has already disabled the virus and deleted it. She will think she is in control, but she won't be.

Da Vinci: BB will monitor her Scroll if anything happens.

Ozpin: I see and where is BB now?

BB: Right here.

As BB materialises in the middle of the room.

Qrow: 'Why does the majority of female population in Chaldea have assets this big

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Qrow: 'Why does the majority of female population in Chaldea have assets this big. Hell a lot of girls would be jealous of them?'

Sherlock: BB please report what you have found.

BB: I was able to get into her scroll when she was hacking the crappy CTTS. I have full access to her contacts and messages and some of them are very interesting.

As BB hands them the datapad as they look through it. For Ozpin's inner circle they were shocked on the information they found.

Ozpin: Leo....why?

Glynda: So Lionheart betrayed us?

Qrow: So he was the one that sent the info about Amber! Oz want me to go to Haven and bring that son of a bitch here?

Ozpin: You will do no such thing.

Qrow: What?! Why?! Oz, Lionheart is a traitor who knows what info he is giving her!

Sherlock: Actually here me out Mr. Brawnen. What if instead of confronting Lionheart we essentially use him to get to Cinder's other associates.

Ozpin: What are you suggesting?

Sherlock: Easy we give Lionheart false info to lure the enemy to a trap. Plain and simple.

Da Vinci: That actually sounds like a good plan.

BB: And those fools will fall for it.

Ozpin: I see, BB continue monitoring Cinder's Scroll I want to know everything she's doing and we need to find a way to counter her plans.

BB: You got it Wizard of Oz.

Da Vinci: And what of Ironwood, should he be informed about this? You know Ozpin he is almost at his limit. One wrong move and he might invade Chaldea.

Ozpin: I'll see what I can do... I will speak to him in private.

Sherlock: Just hope he can understand you Ozpin and doesn't do anything rash.

Ozpin: Let's hope so

Qrow: Speaking of which where's the kid now?

Da Vinci: He finished farming for more Saint Quartz and is ready to summon another Servant.

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