Chapter 42

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Moriarty (Ruler): So Jaune, let's cause some chaos.

Jaune just looks as he sees the Grimm headed towards Mantle. He looks at Moriarty (Ruler) and nods as they fuse together.

Jaune/Moriarty jumps towards the field as he goes to his Servants as they see Jaune

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Jaune/Moriarty jumps towards the field as he goes to his Servants as they see Jaune.

Constantine: Jaune, is that you?

Jaune/Moriarty: Yes it's me, I fused with this Servant merely a few seconds ago.

Constantine: I see.

Charlemagne: And who is this Servant?

Jaune/Moriaty: James Moriarty, Ruler Class.

Charlemagne: I see.

Astolfo: Oh, another Moriarty, you think Fran is getting another Dad?

Bradamante: He looks more like a Brother than a Father.

Jaune/Moriaty: Anyway, Charlemagne what's the situation up in the front?

Charlemagne: Multiple Grimm hordes headed our way. According to the reports, it's the biggest Grimm horde anyone has ever seen.

Roland: And that giant Whale is going to be a big problem.

Bradamante: We scanned the area and we saw multiple Grimm. Centinels, Sabyrs, Megolaiths, Beowolves, Nevermores, and many more.

Astolfo: She's bringing every Grimm she has to take that Relic.

Kriemhild: These Grimm shall feel the wrath of my blade.

Salome: Indeed, this will be fun.

Charlemagne: So what's the plan Jaune?

Jaune/Moriarty: Go all out, we will not let the Grimm reach this wall. Destroy them all.

As Jaune/Moriarty charges forward as all the Servants followed him as they charge towards the Grimm as they began their attack.

Jaune/Moriarty then walks towards the Grimm as he has a cocky smirk as thet charge at him. As he sees them come closer he uses his weapon and delivers firery strikes as the Grimm turn to ash as Jaune/Moriarty does a hand gesture and sends a wave of blue energy that destroys the Grimm. Jaune/Moriarty sees a bunch of Nevermores and Wyverns headed his way as he summons his Throne. As the Throne begins firing beams of blue Light that cuts and vaporizes them. Jaune/Moriarty them fires a beam of light from his throne towards the sky as the beam landed in a swarm of Grimm as they get all destoryed and what's left was a crater.

Constantine begins summoning Knights as they charge in a formation and begin attacking the Grimm then Constantine jumps and delivers a charged strike filled with yellow energy as he destroys the Grimm. He then summons his horse as he makes a command as multiple fire balls began raining down on the Grimm. Then Constantine raises his sword up as it shoots out a yellow beam towards the sky as chains can be seen wrapped around it as he aims his sword at the Grimm as the beams shoots out towards them as they get all disintegrated.

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