Chapter 26

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Jaune: So that just happened.

Jaune and everyone else are in the cafeteria alongside the two new Servants as Glynda and Qrow are checking on Ozpin, who for some reason just fainted. Sherlock goes up to him and gives him a glass of water.

Ozpin: Thank you.

As Ozpin drinks the glass of water.

Qrow: So Oz mind explaining why the hell did you faint, and why that woman over there has the same name as her?

Ozpin: Qrow, it's alot more complicated that you think.

Sherlock: Well from what I observed from looking at you Ozpin, you seem to recognize who these two Servants are. From my calculations and your explanation about the history of Remnant, that woman over there is what Salem was before she became what she is today and Ozma is your original body, Yes?

Ozpin: (Sighs) Yes, you are right Sherlock. I was a man known as Ozma. It was a long time ago, I considered myself a knight, a hero, I was known as a warrior that fought only for righteousness, and I was courageous and pure of heart. One day, I set out on a quest to save a lone woman, who was locked away in a great tower for her entire life by her cruel father. That woman is Salem, after I saved her. We escaped the Tower and fell in love. We  planned to spend the rest of our lives with each other traveling the world and going on adventures. However, I soon fell ill and succumbed to my sickness and it broke her heart.

Sherlock: I see. I take it she didnt accept your death and moved on?

Ozpin: Yes, after I died. She wanted to find a way to ressurect me and went to the domain of the Brother Gods and it lead to many events that caused the destruction of Remnant. (Sighs) I still don't know where their memories end. I will have to speak with them privately.

Qrow: Should we tell Jimmy about this?

Ozpin: We have to.

Glynda: Ozpin you can't be serious! Knowing James, once he find out this woman is Salem, who knows what he would do.

Ozpin: We have to Glynda, James is losing trust in all of us. We need to earn it back, or else dire things will happen.

Glynda: I see, let's hope things don't go bad.

Ozpin: Let's hope so, now if you'll excuse me I will have a talk with the two new Servants

As Ozpin leaves the table the Inner Circle and Sherlock look towards him.

Qrow: You think this Salem is in our side?

Sherlock: Well her info states she in her timeline had made a deal with the God of Light and succeeded, she never became the woman you all know now. The question I have is what is her other Noble Phantasm the same goes for Ozma. Plus they are loyal to Jaune since he is their Master, so you don't have to worry about them joining the enemy.

Qrow: That's good enough for me, my problem is Ironwood finding out about this, once we tell him. Knowing him, he'll secretly have his men arrest her and possibly experiment on her.

Sherlock: I assure you we won't ever let that happen. All that Ironwood will get is Atlas in ashes. I'm sure he can understand that.

Qrow: Oh he will.


Port: For todays match we have Team JNPR of Beacon vs. Team BRNZ of Shade.

Pyrrha: So Jaune any ideas on which Servant to use?

Jaune: I have a few ideas, could try that multiple Servant switch, been practicing it for a while so this could be a good time to show it off. Just follow my lead.

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