Chapter 3

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Jaune is in Beacon. His Servants are in the base right now as they are still trying to fix the damage done to the base due to the portal transporting them to Remnant. Da Vinci informed him that they sent Moriarity to infiltrate the Crime Network of this city, Jaune told her the best place to start is Junior's. That's the one place where he got his transcripts so it's best to start there.

Jaune enters Ozpin's office.

Ozpin: Ah, Mr Pendragon, I take it you're ready to reveal yourself.

Jaune: Yes, headmaster.

Merlin: And I'm here to watch Jaune as well.

Jaune: Merlin what are you doing here?

Merlin: Well the Servants wanted to watch your fight and I decided to record everything and show it to them later. Oh and everyone is wondering who among them would you call.

Jaune: Don't worry I already have one in mind.

Ozpin, Merlin, and Jaune proceed towards the Combat Arena. They enter just in time before Goodwitch started class.

Glynda: Everyone settle down, now before we begin Ozpin would like to introduce an old student that returned.

Ozpin: Hello everyone, I just want to say that this person came back to Beacon stronger than ever and he will show you now how far he has come. May I please introduce Jaune Pendragon.

Jaune then enters wearing his Chaldean uniform.

Nora: It's fearless leader!!

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Nora: It's fearless leader!!

Pyrrha: Jaune

Ren just smiles. Same goes for Ruby and Blake

Alister: What's he doing here I thought he quit Beacon caused he was weak!

Jaune: I assure you Alister, I am not the same man you once knew.

Alister: Oh please I bet I could take you on.

Merlin just snorts at that comment.

Glynda: Now then would anyone like to volunteer to fight Mr. Pendragon?

Cardin: Me and my team against the Faker.

Jaune: 'Why is it every time I think of the word Faker. I'm imagining Gilgamesh saying it to some red head kid'

Glynda looks at Ozpin and he nods.

Glynda: Very well, Team CRDL please proceed to the locker room to change to your gear.

Jaune: 'Alright Merlin, what do you think is the best servant to choose to deal with this'

Merlin: 'It's your choice Jaune, just remember not to kill them'

Jaune: 'Of course Merlin'

Team CRDL comes out all geared up.

Cardin: Ready to lose Jauney-boy?

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