Chapter 36

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Haven: Lionheart's Office

Qrow alongside Team CFVY and the Servants reached Lionheart's office as Jeanne was going to knock, Qrow just kicked the door open as Lionheart got surprised by it.

Jeanne: Was that necessary?

Qrow: Yes.

Lionheart: Qrow! My goodness, what on earth are you doing here?!

Qrow: We're here to have a chat Leo, I take it you heard about the leak from Ironwood?

Lionheart: Yes I have, to think you and Ozpin didnt inform me about this.

Qrow: We had reason not to.

As Lionheart looks at the Servants.

Lionheart: I take it these people are those Servants that Ironwood has mentioned?

Qrow: Yes and we are here on a mission to look for any of Salem's agents. We were able to eliminate Three of them back in Vale but we let Cinder go to send Salem a message.

Lionheart: I see.

Just then Qrow got a call from his scroll.

Da Vinci: Qrow we have good news and bad news.

Qrow: Tell me the Bad news first.

Da Vinci: Uh sure, Raven Brawnen is the Spring Maiden.

Qrow spits out his drink from his 11th new flask as he was shocked by what he just heard.

Da Vinci: What do you mean Raven is the Spring Maiden?!

Lionheart was shocked on what Qrow said, he will have to inform Salem after this.

Da Vinci: Don't worry about it Qrow, the Red Faction was able to capture Raven. She may be critically injured but don't worry Nightingale can fix her up. She is already being transported to Beacon. Goodwitch will meet them there.

Qrow sighs in relief.

Qrow: Good, I'll contact Ozpin and inform him of the situation.

Da Vinci: No need for that, Sherlock has already informed Ozpin.

Qrow: Copy.

As Qrow ended the call.

Lionheart: So what do we do about Raven?

Qrow: Don't worry about it, a Team of Servants captured her and are bringing her to Beacon.

Lionheart: I see.

Qrow: Now then, on to business.

As Qrow shows Lionheart a bunch of files about his dealings with Salem.

Lionheart: Qrow what is this?

Qrow: Oh you know just evidence....about your dealing with Salem.

Lionheart: Sa-Salem?! Qrow you must be out of your mind I'm not working for Salem!

Qrow: The evidence says otherwise.

Lionheart: How were you able to even acquire this.

Marie: Easy, we hacked into Cinder's Scroll and found information about Salem's Agents and her plans.

Jeanne (Alter): And from what we found you were a part of that lists.

Edmond: Also the fact that Cinder and her lackeys were posing as Haven Students, it begs the question on how were they able to slip past Ozpin and that idiotic headmistress.

Qrow: And It's obvious how they were able to do that.

As Qrow, CFVY, and the Servants all look at Lionheart. He was about to make a break for it but was stopped by Edmond and Gilles (Saber)

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