Chapter 31

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Jaune: On what charges!!

Atlas Commander: For possessing highly dangerous armaments and keeping technology from Atlas. You will all be arrested and be experimented on by order of General Ironwood and the Atlas Council. Now put your hands up.

Ozpin: You have no jurisdiction here. The Council won't agree with this.

Ruby: Yeah they saved us and this is how they're being treated!

Nora: Yeah!!!

Ren: They don't like Chaldea taking their fame of being the most powerful force in Remnant.

Pyrrha: Scum all of them.

Blake: Jaune will deal with them. I know he will.

Glynda: Honestly what is he thinking?

Qrow: All I know is that their dead.

Oobleck: This is an act of war! You hear me! This should not go unpunished!

Port: You dogs leave!

Coco: Typical Atlas scum.

Velvet: I knew they would pull something like this.

Fox: Typical arrogance.

Yatsu: They should leave or else Jaune would be very angry.

Weiss stays silent

Yang: Weiss don't tell me you agree with these asshats

Weiss: I.....don't

Then suddenly all the citizens of Vale appeared as the Servants released them from the evacuation centers.


Civilian: You don't belong here!

Civilian: These are our saviors!!

Civilian: You didn't even help and you think you can go claim your victory!!

Civilian: If It's a fight you want It's a fight you'll get!

The entire Vale populace is rioting and throwing objects at the soldiers. As Ozpin is in a phone call.

Ozpin: I see, I understand. Jaune.

Jaune heads towards Ozpin.

Ozpin: You have full authorisation to use your Servants to attack the Atlas army if they made the first move.

Jaune: Good. I wanna teach these dogs a lesson of messing with Chaldea.

Atlas Commander: Arrest them all!! Round up all the Citizens and students that stop us!

As all the Atlas forces proceed to charge towards them as the Servants lead the citizens back. Jaune motions Odysseus to come forward. He heads to the middle of the Atlas forces as he begins his Noble Phantasm.

Odysseus: Aegis connected. Noble Phantasm departing from the hangar.

Odysseus teleports himself into the Troya Hippos.

Odysseus teleports himself into the Troya Hippos

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