Chapter 50

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Jaune: What the fuck is this?

Jaune and his Team of Servants just came back from dealing with Jacques. Now, Jaune is outside overlooking Vale as he sees a huge horde of Grimm heading their way and he sees that their are Grimm everywhere.

Sherlock: Looks like Salem is making her final attack.

Artoria (Lancer): Indeed she has, I'll have my Knights deal with them.

Sherlock: I'll have Da Vinci evacuate the City, Jaune it's time we end this fight once and for all.

Jaune: Yes we shall, come on Artoria let's go.

As Jaune and Artoria (Lancer) head towards the City, the Grimm horde inches closer and closer. They made it towards the center of the city as they are met with their Team of Servants.

They are Arthur (Prototype), Mash, Gawain, Lancelot (Saber), Lancelot (Berserker), Bedivere, Tristan, Percival, Gareth, Mordred and Merlin.

Jaune: Arthur

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Jaune: Arthur.

Arthur: Right.

As Jaune and Arthur fuse together as he prepares Excalibur and is ready to face the Grimm.

Artoria (Lancer): Knight of the Round Table, charge!!

The Knights of the Round Table charged towards the Grimm as they do the same as well, as a battle rage fourth in Vale.

Artoria (Lancer) charges towards the horde of Grimm alongside her mount, Dun Stallion. As they charge towards the Grimm as she delivers a strike using her weapon, Rhongomyniad as it's filled with yellow energy as she rides past the Grimm, disintegrating them into ash. Dun Stallion them jumps in the air as they deliver a ground pound that sends the Grimm flying. Then more and more Grimm charge towards her, she aims her weapon up to the sky as a beam of yellow energy shoots out and all those that we're in the vicinity of the area we're all disintegrated. She then began slashing more Grimm as she uses her mount and charges on into battle.

Bedivere charges with his sword at hand and began slashing the Grimm into pieces. He then charges his metal right arm as he delivers a strike that basically cuts all the Grimm in half. He then jumps towards the air and charges his arm again and releases a ground attack, he then continues slashing Grimm using his sword and delivering heavy strikes as he aims his right arm towards the Grimm and fires a beam of energy from it, disintegrating them into ash.

Lancelot (Berserker) grabs a light post and uses it as a weapon as he smacks the Grimm back and fourth until they turn into goo. He then brought his sword and began delivering strikes towards the Grimm as he cuts them into pieces and delivers attack filled with red and black energy that leads a trail of explosions in it's wake, he sees a swarm of Nevermores heading his way as he brings out a minigun and begins firing a shit ton of bullets as they get torn to pieces. As he continues to gun down any Grimm he sees.

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