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WALKING IN the entrance door of Guerrero's household, Warren is carrying a little lady in his arms.

She must be so tired. That's what they are thinking. Baka nga nabusy talaga ito at nagpakapagod kaya heto at bagsak ang katawan.

Farrah Marquez and Robert Guerrero are waiting at the living room for their daughter to come home. They was about to start nagging about their daughter's disobedience when they saw her in her kuya's arms sleeping, looking so tired and exhausted.

The thought of Farrah's head that maybe her daughter is just lying to them and just used her charms to her cousins had gone instantly.

While Robert is looking at her daughter in pity, she must be so tired doing her schoolworks. She've been studying so hard just to aim high grades and title in her University.

They all have no heart to wake up the little lady so they bring her upstairs and let her rest on her bed.

Lahat sila ay walang ingay na lumabas at sabay-sabay na napabuntong hininga dahil nakakapagod ang araw na iyon at walang ibang dahilan kung'di ang pinakamamahal nilang prinsesa, Fashie Marquez Guerrero.

“Babalik na ba kayo sa Melbourne, boys?” Tanong ng Auntie Farrah sa kanila nang dumiretso sila sa pintuan ng mansiyon.

Coman nodded, “as long as we want to stay here in manila, we have an exam to ready. We'll visit here after the school year, Auntie.”

The couple nods their head, they understand these men are also busy like them. Farrah and Robert are thankful for these wonderful nephew they had, Fashie has always have someone to rely on.

Kaya wala silang pag-aalala sa anak kapag nasa pangangalaga ng mga pinsan, they love their daughter so much.

The six men left the household while the couple went to their separate destination. Robert who is heading to the library and Farrah going to the kitchen.

TODAY IS the FU's Recognition and Graduation day. Pang-umaga ang mga gagraduate at panghapon naman silang mga Senior High student na recognition.

FU has lots of students that's why this is the third day for the Graduation and Recognition ceremony. Hindi na niya iisa-isahin pa dahil masyadong marami.

She got the highest honor and on the top list of honors. Fashie knows she deserve it because she study hard for it, but when she saw her card, she cried in so much euphoria.

Wearing a casual plain halter short pluff sleeves midi white dress paired with matsutake white barbie shoes, she looks like a goddess infront of the mirror. Her hair is in side braid ponytail and she was the one who did her make up.

Her eyes are glowing, her lashes are naturally long, her heart shape face was enhanced by contour, her pinkish lips and natural rosy cheeks, maliban sa mukha siyang dyosa, mukha rin siyang bata.

Napanguso si Fashie sa harap ng salamin. She've been wanting to look matured! Pero paano mangyayari ’yon kung natural ng maaamo at bata ang mukha niya?

She's in the middle of silently nagging herself when her phone rang over the vanity mirror. Fashie instantly answered the call when she saw it was Timothy's calling.

“Congratulations, sweetheart. I'm so proud of you.” He greeted as soon as she pick up the phone.

A smile appeared from her lips, “thank you. Congratulations to you too,” aniya.

“You now ready?” Tanong nito.

“Oo.” She bit her lips before she asked him. “Hindi ka pupunta sa recognition ko?” Nakasimangot niyang tanong.

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