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“CARISHA,” tawag ni Fashie sa isa niyang staff slash kaibigan. She's 5 years older than her but Carisha's body physique and feature made her look like same to her age.

Months after her cafè's opening, Carisha applied to her. Of course, Fashie hired her in instant especially when she learned that Carisha just gave birth to a baby which is really not noticeable.

Carisha look at her, busy cleaning the table. “Yes, madam?” She grimaced with how Carisha address her.

“I'm going to the other branch of the cafè in Bulacan. Bantay ka rito ha?” She said, may mga guard naman and all but she trust Carisha to handle the main branch while she isn't here.

Carisha nodded, “oh, sige lang po. Matatagalan ka?”

Fashie shook her head, “no, i'm just gonna talk to the manager, i guess something happened there.”

“Okay, sige. Don't worry here, madam.”

Fashie grinned and hug Carisha before she left the main branch of FSBC. In just more than three months, with her connection and her cousin's connection, FSBC was able to launch another 4 branch. One in Bulacan, Batangas, Tagaytay and in Quezon city.

She was thankful that her business reach this far in just a couple of months, but Fashie has been working hard to make it more succesful and her cafè to be known.

Well at first she wanted a small business, because of course, there is where you should start. But now that FSBC is slowly getting bigger and popular, she's aiming FSBC to launch all over the country and even in Asia.

Four years had past, she learned a lot and still learning. She became independent. She learned to cook, to drive, she had her freedom, and that's because Fashie was no longer with her parents.

Hindi niya alam kung galit o tampo ba ang nararamdaman niya sa mga magulang. But all she know is she doesn't want to see them, at the moment. Darating din naman siguro ang tamang oras na.... mapapatawad niya ang mga ito.

The main branch of FSBC is located in Manila, more than 2 hours, she arrived in Bulacan. Fashie walked with full of confidence and grace around her, but still with a pleasant aura.

Staffs greeted her which she greeted back before she directly went to the Bulacan FSBC branch's manager.

Lia was suprised that she was there, she stood up and welcomed Fashie with a smile.

“Good afternoon, ma'am. You didn't inform me you're coming.” Lia hug her for seconds then pulled away.

Fashie just smiled, “i'm here to talk to you. Sorry for not informing you about my sudden arrival.” She said.

Lia wave her hand on the air, “no, no, it's okay. Anyway, ma'am, take your seat, please.” Minuspwera nito ang kamay sa L shape sofà nito sa office.

Fashie rolled her eyes, “stop with your ‘ma'am’, Lia.” Then she sat on the sofà and crossed her legs.

Lia is her friend from college. They both studied in Australia, they got close together and became friends. Lia is only the substitute manager of Bulacan branch, nagmaternity leave kasi ang dating manager and she have no time to look for another one.

Mahirap magtiwala kaagad, kaya naman pinakiusapan nalang niya si Lia. Actually, Lia is an heir of Madrigal's. She graduated same course as hers, pareho silang interested sa business. Pero ewan niya ba sa kaibigan bakit ayaw nitong hawakan ang business ng mga Madrigal.

Lia shrugs, “anyway, what are we talking about?” She asked then sip to her coffee. And Fashie forgot to tell that Lia also love coffee like her. Hindi na siya magtataka kung mamatay silang maaga kakakape.

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