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MASAKIT ANG ulong bumangon si Timothy sa kinahihigaan. Fck! Who said drinking is fun?! He grunted and walk to the bathroom to takee a shower to lessen the headache he's feeling. Then he drink an advil after putting clothes.

Timothy goes to his house's kitchen, only to find out that he's out of stock. Great, just great. Sa tingin niya ay kailangan na niyang mag-grocery.

Gumawa nalang siya ng kape at tuna sandwich for his breakfast. It's saturday, he have some appointments but he's not in the mood to go to the office today.

He called his secretary to cancel all his appointments today and ask to re-scheduled it. After his not so delicious breakfast, he left his house for grocery.

Timothy is pushing the push cart as he pick those things he needed in his kitchen and those he likes. It was a fine picking up groceries not until he saw someone he knew very very well.

Her features matured, but she still look like an innocent doll, opposite from what she really is. Her hair kept long and flowy and she became taller. Kung dati hanggang dibdib niya lang ito, ngayon nasisiguro niyang hanggang balikat na niya ang dalaga.

His eyes drop to her hand, the rings he gave are still there. What does it mean? No mayter how much Timothy wanted to hug her, kiss her, touch her and ask her why did she left him, he hardened his heart.

She's nothing to him now. So, what's the point? As if it will change everything. It's been 4 years since it happened. Timothy is sure as hell she already forgot about it.

Naglakad siya palapit sa dalaga, fck those feet he have. He smelled her sweet and mild scent. Still the same perfume. Bahagya siyang napakunot dahil sa naiisip m What the fck i am thinking? Nilampasan ni Timothy at nagpanggap na hindi ito nakita.

Ipinagpatuloy niya ang pamimili pero pasulyap-sulyap siya sa dalaga. Umakto rin ito na parang hindi siya nakita at pinagpatuloy ang ginagawa.

He scoffed. Acting like she didn't saw him, huh? Fck! Why am i so mad all of the sudden?

Naiinis na nilisan ni Timothy ang lugar at mabilis na tinapos ang pamimili. He loathe her, he shouldn't feel this way!

On the way to his car parked nearby, he received a call. Timothy answered it without looking who the caller is.

“Who's this?” He said coldly.

An annoying voice echoed to his ears. “Hi, honey. I was the one of the four girls you and  Grego fcked at the resort.”

What the fck?! How this bitch get my number? “What do you need?”

Malandi itong tumawa na ikinairita niya. “I just wonder if you want another session with me? You know i'm good in bed and—” Timothy didn't let her finish her words, he lost hist patience.

“Get lost.” Then he ended the call and block the number. Sigurado siyang ang walanghiyang Grego na ’yon ang nagbigay ng number niya. Though he have 3 numbers, one for private and one for public. His secretary is handling his business card.

He put the bags of groceries at the back compartment of his car. Before he hop inside, Timothy saw Fashie having a hard time carrying all her groceries.

Why the staffs didn't help her?! She's a customer yet they let her carry all those heavy bags all herself? Wait, pakialam niya naman? Serves it right.

Pumasok na siya sa kotse at pinaandar ang makina saka pinaharurot iyon patungo sa bahay niya sa BS Village.

Napabuntong hininga nalang si Timothy nang makita ang sunod-sunod na kotsenh nakaparada sa harap ng bahay niya. The motherfuckers are here again. The fck! Simula high school lagi nalang condo niya ang tinatambayan ng mga ito, ngayon naman bahay na niya.

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