Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

For the past week, I didn't attend school at all or any of the meetings that were held so far. Charlie had told the Elders that I had came down with a flu and he was the only person that I wished to see, so for now, Elder James and Bertha have left me alone.

But I know that it won't be long before they start questioning me.

I looked through my window. I could see the big empty green field from here. There wasn't any football practice today because today was a public holiday. So all of the students went back home except for us Elementals and Elders.

I have no home except for here but would you really call a school your home. No, I think not. The other Elementals got homes somewhere else beside here. Sometimes they do back but that depends on them and the Elders.

I look up at to see clear blue sky. Definitely not the color that was going on in my mind but Charlie told me not to change it because Bertha and James would get suspicious.

I didn't realise that today Charlie was training the Elementals. Duke.

They walked onto the field and sat in order with Charlie in front of them. I watched as Charlie told them instructions and they split up into different parts of the field. Fray was standing at the top left corner, Jeffery was standing at the top right corner, Mike was standing at the bottom left corner and Duke was standing at the bottom right corner.

They got into position and their elements started to show. Rocks started to abrupt out of the ground for Fray. Fog started to appear around Jeffery blocking him from the view of the others. Mike was using the water vapour in the air to create swirls of water around him.

I look at Duke who was just standing there. I waited for him to show off his element but he didn't. My face scrunched up in confusion. Why wasn't he showing his element?

I hadn't realised that he turned around. I saw him looking up at me. I quickly moved away out of the view of the window. I leaned against the rock walls and put my hand on my heart. I breathe in and out before taking a peek through the window. He was still looking at me.

I moved away from the window and lay down on my bed away from the window. I looked towards the window but didn't approach it again.

He could never touch me again not like before. The warmth of his touch against my cold skin. I will never feel that warmth ever again. The warmth that light my ice of a heart. It will be blocked by the pain I would feel of betraying Talon.

"Why are you so powerful?" He said. "Powerful?" I questioned him. "Yeah, powerful. Elder James said so."

"You're so cold. Why is that?" He said. "It's none of your business."

"Who is Talon?"

"I couldn't stay away. I missed the way you talk to me. I missed the feeling of your cold skin against my hot skin."

"You talk a lot." He said intertwining our hands together.

"Please look at me." He whispered into my ear while intertwining our hands with him behind me.

Tears started to leak out from my eyes. I touch the ends of my eyes and brought it away for me to see. I looked at the tear travelling down my hands. I was crying.

I laughed at the thought of me crying. I was crying. My laughter echoed the room until that feeling before came back. I sat up from the bed and faced the window.

Suddenly I saw a blast of fire shot up into the sky but then went down. Writing appeared on the glass of my window.

'A million stars up in the sky

one shines brighter I can't deny

A love so precious a love so true

a love that comes from me to you '

A shape of a hand begins to form on the glass. It glowed with heat before it stopped glowing. I walked towards the window and look down to see him look back at me. I place my hand on the hand on my window.

Even though it had stopped glowing, it was still warm like him. Tears started to stream more down my eyes. I place my head on the window and it felt like he was on the other side putting his head against the window as well.

"I'm sorry, Duke. I'm so sorry." I said looking down at him.

He mouths something that I can't seem to interpretate. I'm not that good at mouth reading. After giving him a confused face, he turned around and looked towards Charlie who was watching the other Elementals practice their control on their element.

Duke then starts walking away from his position on the field causing Charlie to look at him. Charlie then walks towards Duke probably to scold him but Duke just kept walk faster than him making the distance between them greater.

Charlie eventually gave up chasing after Duke probably knowing that it will only end up him walking more of a distance back to where he was. So Charlie just went back to teaching the other Elementals.

A few minutes after, I sucked in my breath as I hear a hard knock on my door. I walk towards my door and opened it.

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