Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

“Wake up.” Someone said while shaking me.

I groan and open my eyes to see Duke in front of me, looking at me. What happened? Where am I?

I look around to see that I was still in the forest and Duke was in front of me. I stiffen when everything started to come back. Talon.

I quickly compose myself and got up without Duke’s help.

“We can go back home now.” I said looking away from his gaze to where Talon came from.

“What?” Duke said.

“I’ve solved the problem here. Everything will be back to normal in just a few days. So we can go back home now.” I said to Duke.

“How?” Duke asked.

“That is none of your business.” I said.

He looks at me and then touched my cheek. I feel this warm hands on my cold cheek. The bracelet that Talon put on me tighten around my wrist. I moved away from Duke’s touch and it loosen.

I got up and went to Moonstone. I jump on her and she seemed to noticed that my mood has changed. Such a sensitive creature.

I look down at the silver bracelet. Seems like this bracelet is supposed to repel me from any kind of touch from a man by causing me pain. Talon, you jealous thing.

“What happened?” Duke asked me getting on Dark.

“I solved the problem. That’s all you need to know. We can go back now. Aren’t you happy? You don’t have to spend more days with the girl that doesn’t want to see your face.” I said before riding away from him.

He kept his distance away from me the entire time.

I might have been mean to him but I wanted to get that message across to him. The more he knew the more endangered he and I was. Especially if Talon knew about him. He would be dead by now.

On the way back to the inn, I saw the mist disappearing and the trees growing back. Talon had kept his promise. The price was that he had control to a bit of my life. If I told Charlie about it, he would freak out but if I don’t and he finds out he will freak out even more and will be anger at me.

When we reach the inn, the old man and people rushed out to see us.

“You did it! I can’t thank you enough! You have saved this city and with that we are very grateful. If you would please accept this gift as a token of our appreciation.” The old man said with a smile and everyone was cheering.

He signals somebody to come. A lady walks towards us holding a box. She opens the box to reveal. Sets of jewelry and keys. “The keys are for both of you. It is to a mansion on the countryside of this city. The jewelry is for you miss. Think of it as a present for saving us and a welcome home gift.” He smiled.

A welcome home gift?

“May I asked how you knew that this was my home?” I asked in a hushed tone.

“That young man you have been travelling told me that this was your home. He said that was the reason you wanted to save this city.” The old man said.

“I see.” I mumbled.

I felt my blood boiled and I glared at Duke who looks away. You don’t know anything.

I felt a lady grab hold of my hand and was about to take the bracelet that Talon put on, off.

“Stop!” I snapped at the lady who was about to touch that bracelet.

Everyone stopped cheering and stared at me. Wondering why I had shouted. Some of them started whispering.

“What do you think you are going?” I asked the lady.

“Umm. I-I was taking out your bracelet miss. So-so you can se-see how this one looked like.” She trembled showing me another bracelet.

“I asked you, to do no such thing. Don’t you think, it’s a bit rude to touch something that is not yours. Don’t you think, that you should asked before doing such a thing. I’m not the only one here being rude.” I said before tapping Moonstone.

Moonstone moved through the crowds of people and started running.

They don’t know anything.

Tears started flowing down the side of my face. I hate the people there. What they did to me when I was younger. I hate them. For them to show me kindness, it was sickening. This is why I never visited since I left. It was a beautiful city but I hated it.

I love it but I hated the people within it.

I laughed to myself a bit. I was being so rude and selfish towards them. Not all of them hurt me and yet this stupid heart of mine seeks revenge. I sighed.

I heard the sound of a horse galloping and I moved rode Moonstone behind the thick tree, so we couldn’t be seen.

I look through the leaves to see it was Duke. He looked confused and the box that was a gift sat behind him. So he took the box. I’m glad.

If he didn’t, that would make us council members and Elementals look rude. I didn’t want to be scolded by Bertha again.

He looked around before riding off, probably to find me or go home. I doubt the first one. I came out of the trees and started riding on the trail again.

Looks like I’m alone again.

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