Chapter 55

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Kill them. Kill them all. Let them suffer.

A voice hissed into my ear fueling my desire to kill everyone. Today, they must all die for their sins. I will revenge my mother.

I raised my hands causing the cold flames to coiled around the academy, cries of terror could be heard within as the fire crushed the school. The sound of bones and glass crushing soothe the whispers but it wasn't enough to satisfy it.



An old lady stood before me with her arms apart, her eyes peered at me with such disappointment and grief. How dare she look at me with such a look? How dare she stare at me as if she knew anything about how I felt?

"Dear listen to me, please."

The cold winds wrap themselves around me as move my hand towards the old lady. They slithered towards her when I pointed at her causing them to blow her off the building. The voice chuckled as the lady screamed.

It was as if someone tugged a piece of string, the corner of my lips turn upwards and delighted crawled in. I couldn't help but giggle with glee.

This was fun, very fun indeed.

"Winter! What did you do?!" a fair-haired boy shouted running out.

He stared towards the direction I had flung the old hag in but I could only grin to his question. His face wince in disgust at my expression but I didn't care.

Kill him, my dear.

Blue flames appeared around me causing the floor to froze over, they roared causing the boy to flinch at their iciness. They burst out slithering towards him. He lifts his hands up in defense sending water out to counteract may flames.

Steam emerged as his water tried to dissipate my flames but my flames are stronger than his water. The flames pushed against his warm getting closer to him, nothing was going to save him now.

Suddenly a lake of red flames shot out from the left of me, counteracting my own flames. My grin quickly died and I felt angry. Who dared to stand up against me?

I turned to my left to see a pair of fierce green eyes stared back at me and I stared back. Who was this person?

His eyes showed a sense of determination and something else, love. Why did he stare at me with love? Doesn't he know what I am? 

He steps forward and I unconsciously step back which made me even more confused.

He should fear you.


I quickly look back up at him. He had his hand out but I just stared at it suspiciously. His eyes look towards his hand encouraging me to take it. My hand twitched longing to go to it.

No, Winter. He is the enemy. He can not be trusted.

I pulled my hand away and his eyes stared at me with hurt. My heart whimpered at the sight but my mind was so baffled that I didn't know what to do anymore.

Kill him. Kill him! Do it!

Tears started to leak out from my eyes as my heart was beating against my chest. I close my ears with my hands trying to block out the murmurs but they won't recede back into their holes.

"Winter, look at me." his voice was so soothing that I stared up at him with tear-filled eyes.

I didn't even realized how close he got to me until his warm hands touch my cheeks filling that long-lost sensation that I yearn for. His bright green eyes captured mine once again, a feeling of tranquility flowed through me.

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